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Campaigning – Brighton 2015

We have done many things over the past 2 years to raise awareness. We do not normally publicise them, either before or after, for reasons we wont go into. The only one we really made people aware of was our demo at the MET Office, about which we made a short film. We still have not managed to re-edit that yet which gives you an idea of the workload.

Anyhow this weekend we were in Brighton for some awareness shenanigans. It was a great weekend and we had an amazingly positive reaction from so many people. We must have spoken to around 100 and given out about 250 flyers. Brighton is a town full of clever and open-minded people so many of those we spoke to knew all about this, but it always helps to get new people behind us and following us online.

We may make s short film if we get time but don’t hold your breath; there is much to do as we try to finish the edit on our film about the Climate Engineering Research Symposium – Berlin. We have many other things going on as well that we will reveal when we can. Things are definitely hotting up as we continue to spread the word about this travesty, those perpetrating it are becoming increasingly nervous and defensive… which is good. That’s when people make mistakes.

As if reaching lots of people were not enough, we were leaving on Monday morning and saw some great graffiti on the billboards of the much hated viewing tower construction site, so we obviously have some new fans. We have to say that officially we do not condone any form of damage to private property, but that said this is a bit of temporary wood. Which is the greater crime we must ask ourselves, spraying a dire warning on a temporary surface or spraying harmful chemicals into our skies. If the person doing this ever gets to court, I would suggest they could plead self-defense !

In the mean time here are some images of our Brighton spread :-).

This is how we do it – Brighton – 2015