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Partly cloudy ?

Here we have some 360 shots of a day which featured very heavy spraying of the persistent trails. As most days do, it started off clear and bright, but rapidly deteriorated as a result of massive numbers of aircraft crossing London skies. Once again when we see this type and level of spraying we see huge numbers of aircraft, all Airbus A320s, crossing our skies. This number of flights is not normal and does not correspond with any normal scheduling. Sadly we were traveling and so were not able to cross-check any of the flights, but simple logic should be enough to convince most of the link between the fact that when we see clear skies we see very few flights, but on days of heavy persistent trails the numbers of flights increases from a handful per hour to 35-40 per hour. You don’t need to be an atmospheric scientist to work out what is going on – Planes = clouds. No planes = no clouds, lots of planes = lots of clouds. Simples !

The image below is the satellite image from Worldview for October 10th. It shows very clearly the mess created by the spreading of those trails across most of England. As this type of trail spreads it forms a translucent layer of haze which initially only partially blocks the sun, but as it becomes thicker, eventually blankets the entire sky and blocks the sun completely.

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Below we also have a short gallery of one of those days of heavy spraying. Often when we see spraying at this intensity they are building towards a storm or heavy rain the next day.

All images taken in North West London between 10.00 and 10.30am. October 10th 2015.



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