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Smogs Caused by Aircraft Emissions

As The Times – London – warns of the return of the killer smogs we wonder why they are not stating the obvious, that they are caused by aircraft emissions. We also wonder how they know the day before they happen what the wind direction will be? If they predict heavy smogs and claim they are caused by pollution from France and Saharan dust which seems to be the go-to excuse now, then surely this would depend entirely on wind direction. As it happens the smogs occurred anyway, despite an Easterly wind which cannot bring so-called pollution from France or the Sahara!

For the purposes of this article we will put to one side the debate about whether the trails from aircraft are natural or as a result of chemicals sprayed deliberately (though it must be noted that this website has proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are) and focus on the glaringly obvious omission of any mention of aircraft emissions in any weather reports, news articles, or MET Office, CAA or other governing bodies.

One only has to look at the sky for more than 30 minutes to see clearly vast numbers of aircraft crossing the London skyline, leaving dirty big trails that slowly spread and sink to ground level filling the air we breath with so-called ‘smog’. The article below cites the usual nonsense about pollution from France, but the MET Office states very clearly and easterly wind direction. Other proposed sources are diesel emissions and Saharan Dust again. So how does all this stuff present itself in British airspace with an easterly wind?


SMOG Times







Obviously it doesn’t. The smogs we are experiencing in the UK with alarmingly increasing prevalence are nothing to do with Diesel, Saharan dust or pollution from France. Has France suddenly secretly built lots of coal-fired power station in the last 2 years? No, of course not. Industry has declined in Europe, and technology for both industry and transport has become much cleaner in the last 2 decades, so there really is no plausible link as the above article suggests. Saharan dust, aside the incorrect wind direction, cannot blow Saharan dust over the UK in such massive quantities as to cause ubiquitous smogs over the UK, it simply can’t happen, so we are left with aircraft pollution. We have posted a few articles in the past showing the direct correlation between air traffic, pollution/air quality, and indeed respiratory illnesses. One only has to look at the map of the smog in the article and it clearly shows the same density as air traffic over the areas highlighted that it always does. We have numerous conversation with the MET Office to ask why they do not acknowledge this fact and they go round and round in circles trying to evade the question and basically have no explanation at all. When we ask to speak to a meteorologist to try to get a satisfactory explanation we are always refused access.



typical air quality during smog alerts when air traffic over London increases.



They simply cannot explain this. We can though…

Look at the images below. These are images taken from Flightradar24 just after we went out and counted 37 flights over West London airspace. This frequency of air traffic is much higher than usual but that is not the the main issue. All of these transient flights have taken a longer route than necessary to fly over London. We also suspect that if someone had the time to follow these aircraft from start to finish that many would not actual land at their destination but would simply disappear from view in the Atlantic, as has been the case on numerous occasions in the past.

At lunchtime today we counted 37 flights over West London in just one hour. All these flights were leaving trails which have slowly added to the thick pollution.

We cannot understand why people are not questioning this insane level of pollution and the ludicrously inadequate explanations given by the press.

We hope to update this article later today with more information. In the mean time, please, pretty please with cherries on top… watch the sky. You will see very clearly that all this stuff is coming from aircraft.

God help us all if we are collectively going to just sit by and let this continue.

Please join us on the Global March Against Climate Engineering on April 25th to protest about this completely and utterly unacceptable situation.

Whether you believe this pollution is natural or deliberate is almost irrelevant, let’s fight to get our clean air back and get flights grounded or at least re-routed until we get to the bottom of this.