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Close ups with our new x83 zoom camera

Stunning images of sprayers in super-close detail.

We have just purchased the new Nikon Coolpix 900A snip at £450 it has the worlds longest optical zoom at 83x. and then some on the digital zoom if we need even more. It is proving to be quite a stunner in terms of what we can see. The quality is low but it more than makes up for it in how close we can get to these planes revealing some crucial detail. There’s a bit of searing in them as i am so excited and frustrated at the same time while i get used to the camera.

We took it out this morning for a test run and got some great footage. All clips and a bit shaky and unedited but they contain some revealing images of twin plumes, multiple substances in single trails, combination therapy spraying, OWOW events – one with and one without – and generally undermine the recent so-called scientific study produced by Mick West of Metabunk. We will be writing up on that paper very soon, suffice to say like everything else on his website it is utter nonsense and a clear attempt at damage limitation. Fact is, more and more people are questioning what they see in the sky and the perpetrators are in a blind panic. We were not supposed to notice apparently. Err.. hello?

Keep an eye out for engines 2 and 3 on the big jets… we can clearly see twin plumes from them, while the plumes on engines 1 and 4 are different both in shape and colour. Slowly slowly catchy corporate monkeys we like to say.

We will also add the time-lapse footage of this day soon, showing once again that a day that has started of crystal clear and blue has been completely turned grey entirely by emissions from aircraft. If you are not concerned by that then we suggest you go see your GP and get some psychotherapy.

Any how this page is short but sweet. Enjoy the films folks and more soon !