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Our Mission

  • To get British airlines into the UK courts and prosecute for illegal and dangerous activity in our skies
  • To raise awareness about current Solar Radiation Management programs so as to raise funds for the above and to ensure enough people are aware of what is really going on so as to ensure there is sufficient objection when the establishment finally admit to SRM or try to suggest they are about to introduce it on the premise of saving us from Global Warming, something which has not yet happened and cannot be substantiated.


Climate Engineering, referred to as Geo-engineering in the US,  is the umbrella term for the official climate control programs proposed by the IASS, Royal Society, SRMGI and a clique of scientific advisers such as Professor David Keith, Ken Caldeira, Clive Hamilton, Prof. John Shepherd and others.  It covers many ideas in the 2 categories of Carbon Sequestration and Solar Radiation Management – SRM. This website campaigns against the latter, but specifically Atmospheric Aerosol injection, which in layman’s terms means spraying chemicals into the sky to block the sun.

They claim SRM is to save us from a warming world, but the reality is that global corporations simply want to  control our weather by spraying chemicals unknown into our skies which form clouds, haze and smogs, blocking our sunshine and contaminating the air we breathe.

Because nothing has been admitted to yet, these programs are still covert. Our campaign is 2-pronged; to make people realise this is already happening, but also to inform people of the proposed programs so that when the political-scientific establishment behind these plans finally have to declare that they are about to commence what they will term trials, enough people realise the reality of what is happening in the hope that there may be enough people to object and halt their introduction.


Our position and interpretation of the situation as a whole

This website’s official position is that we know SRM to be happening now, all over Europe, and evidence from around the world suggests that it is a global phenomenon. We have also now accepted that Global Warming, which had to be re-branded Climate Change due to no warming for 18 years*, is a hoax. A politically and financially motivated ideology backed primarily by global corporations and the EU for reasons we expand on in other parts of the site. The latter point is not our focus but is pivotal to this subject because the perceived threat of Climate Change is being used to justify the introduction of SRM, or as we see it the approval of SRM so it can continue unabated.

Once one comes to understand this fundamental point then everything we hear in our media starts to take on a new meaning and we are able to read between the lines of the so-called debates and facts and figures rolled out to us each week with an ever-increasing sense of urgency and desperation. The urgency and desperation are portrayed as being the result of the worry about runaway warming and supposed climate catastrophe, but are actually motivated by the fear of financial and political loss.

Allow us explain – We are now locked in a kind of race. If the public realises that our weather is being modified on a grand scale before the corporations behind these programs are able to have them approved then they lose because the public are unlikely to give their approval. They will have to stop, our clean air and sunshine will return and we will then be asking why they did it without our permission and why our governments did nothing to stop them. They will also lose the billions invested in the technology and infrastructure that has been created to make it possible. On a wider note, it will also disable their ability to control markets associated with weather prediction and agriculture that can be influenced or controlled by such careful control of our weather, even down to a local level. If, however, they manage to get them approved on the grounds that they are saving us from this supposed climate catastrophe that is going to destroy us all then they can simply continue as if nothing had happened. It has become clear to most, even leaving aside the climate issue, that ministers basically do what corporations tell them to so once approved we then stand little or no chance of being able to stop them.

The other possible scenario we have come to realise may be unfolding is the emergency hypothesis. During our time at the Climate Engineering Conference in Berlin in 2014 we became aware that the perceived emergency may be used to bypass the process of public approval all together. We have written about this in several articles such as this one and our documentary – Climate Engineering Research Symposium 2015 – published in 2015 also addresses this very worrying point. If governments continue to feign inability to react to the perceived threat of Climate Change and the complicit media and assorted environmental organisations continue to ramp up the alarmist propaganda to fever pitch as they are, then we may reach a situation whereby they allow SRM to commence officially without any approval whatsoever on the grounds that there is no time for approval… “we must do this now for the greater good” they will claim. It is unclear whether a state of emergency will, or will need to be, declared for this to happen, or if it will simply begin quietly, or simply continue as it is now, with little or no mention of it in the press or scientific literature. We feel the latter is the most likely scenario and indeed recent events in the Paris Climate circus seem to suggest this is where we are heading. The COP21 agreement has bound all signatory nations to limit warming to 1.5 Celsius. This in itself seems innocuous enough but if we look at this with our previous comments in mind it seems that without intervention – and SRM will be the only viable short terms solution of course – those targets are unrealistic. Clearly we know that the figures and so-called ‘facts’ that the agreement is based on are meaningless because we know that current SRM is the cause of local temperature anomalies but the public have not yet made that connection so the circus will bulldozer its way forward irrespective of any dissent and try to use this agreement to force SRM on us as an emergency measure. Indeed we are already hearing noises to this effect in the complicit media and scientific cliques, so it seems we are correct.


So you see this is not a little issue about a few planes making a few clouds, this is actually a gargantuan issue that could define our future, and that of our environment as a whole. Will the people allow corporate interests to control our weather and thus our environment at large. We wont go into that debate here, suffice to say that few realise the stakes in this subject are unimaginably high. Dramatic language you may think, but that is really the essence of what is going on.


Our mission

Our ultimate aim is to bring the current SRM programs, with specific focus on every form of aerial aerosol spraying, to a halt and prevent the public or official approval or introduction of the proposed SRM programs in any way. There is no doubt in our mind now that people are noticing the effects of the current aerial aerosol spraying programs in increasing numbers and almost everywhere now but they don’t realise what they are looking at or the implications. That is why we created this website and campaign, so as to ensure people can get the real facts with no mumbo-jumbo or drama, and to give them a clear understanding of what is happening and why.

We are working on this on many levels with our research and investigations, public campaigning and reporting of our observations to regulatory bodies. We are also currently preparing the  Climate Engineering Dossier 2017 (version 2) to be handed into Downing Street later this year. Sadly most of our efforts to raise awareness and prompt action in our regulatory bodies and government departments are being stonewalled. We have made repeated attempts to report what amounts to illegal and dangerous behaviour by airlines spraying substances unknown into our sky and they are either ignored or answered with denial, excuses and diversionary tactics. We spent most of 2016 compiling evidence of this and will publish articles in the coming months detailing a failure to act by The CAA, NATS, The MET Office and UK registered airlines. Some of these investigations are still ongoing.


We are fighting relentlessly to get our sunshine and clean air back. Please help if you can. We will also be launching 2 fundraisers this spring to raise money for a campaign trailer and another to fund a new feature film we are planning to document the 2017 IASS Climate Engineering Conference to be held in Berlin in October this year.

Please see our Projects page for more detailed information or our Donate page to help fund these projects.

We managed to get a very important documentary published from the material we recorded at the Climate Engineering Research Symposium 2015 in Berlin It is crucial that these events are documented from a sceptical perspective as nobody else is doing this at a professional level. Please take the time to watch the film and you will see there is grave concern among many scientists in the Climate Engineering world about what is going on. The media present the scientific world as being united behind Climate Change and Climate Engineering but nothing could be further from the truth as you will see.


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This year we will be focusing on the following:

Fundraising – for the film and for campaigning including our trailer.

Legal action to get UK airlines into the courts. We feel we have enough evidence now to prosecute UK registered airlines successfully, as well as possible cases against the CAA for failing to act in the public interest in a matter of public safety.

As a result publishing on the website will have to take a back seat for now. There is much to be done behind the scenes.

Each year we up the ante, and we feel 2017 will be a crucial year in the fight to stop the introduction of corporate control of our weather. Please support us in any way you can. I have nearly run out of money and am so busy with family, job and my production business that I have less and less time to be out there doing the work that needs to be done to progress this.

If you can afford to help financially please donate. This campaign has cost many tens of thousands of pounds of my own money to reach this stage, and is very expensive to maintain. If I run out of money the momentum will stop and we may miss our chance to bring an end to this madness. If we are correct that this years Climate Engineering Symposium in Berlin will be the platform for the approval process of SRM to begin, this really could be our last chance, so please consider that.


Ian Simpson

Editor and founder of




In response our government’s refusal to acknowledge this is happening despite overwhelming evidence we have adopted a well-known saying by Abraham Lincoln as our motto:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”.

Abraham Lincoln

16th president of US  (1809 – 1865)




* even the IPCC had to admit that there had been no surface warming for 18 years, so they quickly trotted off an excuse about the oceans absorbing the heat. They are simply making this stuff up as they go along.