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This is how we do it

This year is going to be a crucial one in the fight to return our skies to the big deep blue and fresh clean air we used to have back in the 1970s. We have several things lined up starting small and getting bigger as the year progresses. We have spent the past 4 years investigating, researching, submitting evidence and cornering the organisations involved in, complicit in, or those who simply choose to ignore Solar Radiation Management. The idea is that they now have nowhere left to hide. We have the evidence. We have the denials. We have the  letters and emails refusing to act in the public interest.

Now we will act. Not only to show people the wilful negligence of those who are supposed to have our interests at heart such as the CAA, but also to initiate legal action to bring these people and organisations to justice and to make them accountable for their illegal, immoral and reckless conduct.

We will also be making a feature-length documentary film on the Climate Engineering Conference 2017 event in Berlin this year. This is a big project and will require about. £20-25,000 to complete, so we are going to be pushing hard for people to finally dig deep and donate to ensure this campaign achieves is ultimate goal of preventing the official approval by the EU and European regulatory bodies if the proposed SRM programs which we feel is imminent. Read more below.



2017 Campaign Trailer – Easy as 1 – 2 – 3


We need to raise £6000 for this trailer. We have purchased the trailer already for £3000. The remaining £3000 is for signage and promotional material. If we raise more than £6000 we will purchase a large TV and computer so we can show people footage of SRM in progress in UK and time-lapse films of SRM.

We realised early on that the only way to do this successfully is to get out there and meet people. With a proven track record over 4 years of direct campaigning you know that your money will be spent wisely and used for maximum effect.

By pitching up at key locations across the country we intend to go the heart of the establishment and organisations that are stonewalling our enquiries and stifling our investigations. Not only do we then get to meet many members of the public, but crucially we will be informing those who work in these organisation about what is really going on and the involvement of the organisations they work for in the hope we can convince them to come forward and speak up about what amounts to a crime against us and our environment.

If we can roll up with bigger and better signage, and all ready to go it means we can do this much more easily and hence more often. With the summer here and the air quality in London becoming a very prominent issue in the media, the time is right for us to up the ante and begin to turn this situation around.


2017 Climate Engineering Conference

Feature length documentary

This is our second film project, the first being our 24 minute short documentary from the 2015 Climate Engineering Research Symposium in Berlin – Now we have become part of the official debate, gained the confidence of many of the top people in the Climate Engineering world and produced an extremely important record of the 2015 event, we feel we are in a strong position to attract investment to make a full-length feature documentary on the 2nd global Climate Engineering Conference hosted by the IASS in Berlin in October this year.

This year’s event is crucial insofar as we feel it will be the catalyst in the approval process for SRM programs in Europe. Many will not have joined the dots between SRM and the Paris COP21 agreement, in which EU states signed up to a 1.5 Celsius limit to global warming. In our first film we exposed the plan to use a deliberately fostered mindset of emergency to bypass any public approval process, and now that EU states are bound by this agreement to limit supposed warming this will be used, along with the emergency mind-set, to demand officially approved SRM programs begin without any regulation or public approval – which amounts to them continuing unabated obviously.

It is absolutely crucial we are there to ask the difficult questions, raise awareness of this ruse and record events as they unfold, so we can tell the world what is really going on behind the international, corporate, climate circus. This event may represent the last chance we have to avert SRM programs being approved officially. Of course when they are there will be no announcements, no speeches, no accountability or regulation, no way to know what they are spraying and what effect it will have on us and our environment. They will just carry on as they are, but in the knowledge that there is nothing people can do to stop it. We must hold those who seek to do this to account and we must give a voice to the countless members of the scientific community who have serious reservations or who completely disagree with the introduction of SRM programs and there are indeed many as out first documentary revealed, but of course we never hear from them in the mainstream media.

A perfect example was the attempt by concerned scientists from Oxford University’s Oxford Martin School to agree to the Berlin Declaration, a document binding SRM to a process of regulation, public approval and accountability. The organisers of the event managed to sabotage it and it was mis-reported on by the CEC17 organisers as being unworkable and unreasonable. We think that alone should ring alarm bells for those new to this topic and represents a perfect example of why it is so important we are there to expose these things.

If SRM is officially approved on the premise of saving us from Global Warming, something the scientific community can’t even agree is real, there will likely be no way back and we can kiss goodbye to what remains of our sunshine, and that really is no joke. We absolutely must prevent this happening!

Please give as much as you can afford. Ultimately this is your future at stake!



Finally we have found a new legal firm with the courage to take this on. We can’t give anything away about who and how, suffice to say this is the most important aspect of what we do. We sacked our previous firm for failing to progress the case(s) as we had intended to launch. We have full confidence in our new firm to bring these organisations to account in a court of law.

We realised a long time ago that one can shout all one wants, but if nobody listens, if the culprits stay silent and if those who are supposed to be protecting us fail to act, then nothing will change quickly. If we can get these organisations into court of law, however, then they can’t hide, they can’t stay silent and they must respond to our evidence. It also means that it matters not who believes us or who is or isn’t listening, the law will take it course and we may stand a chance of stopping this in its tracks. Contrary to what some believe, it is a relatively simple thing to stop with the correct approach. The bigger they are the more vulnerable they are, and the harder they fall !

We purchased the trailer so as to get out onto the streets to raise money for the legal cases, as the internet seems to be so saturated with information and disinformation that it is almost impossible to reach people effectively.

More details on this as soon as possible.

Past Projects and costs.

These figures are estimates from memory and rounded. They will be confirmed when accounts are scrutinised, I have listed them to give people an idea of how much has already been spent on this campaign. I have been doing this for 4 years and it has been a long hard slog, but it is finally reaching the point where we are ready to confront this in the courts and I have to say it has been worth every minute and every penny.

As at June 2017:

Website design/set up and development from 2013 approximately £4000. Ongoing £600-1000pa.

Marketing material and signage to date approx £6,500. Ongoing £1500pa.

MET Office demo and film £750.

Isle of Man public lecture. Travel and promo £650

Istanbul Attaturk research visit and film £1500

Global March Against Climate Engineering 2014 and film. £1500.

CERS Berlin 2015 documentary £8000.

Climate march, London – 2015. Demo film and flyers £800

Solar Media event – NEC – 2016. Stand and promotional material – £2500.

Equipment for surveillance and research – £6000. Ongoing variable.

Travel and sundry expenses from campaigning £4000. Ongoing.

Vimeo channel business membership £1000. Ongoing £500pa

Staff and professional fees £2300. Ongoing.

Legal fees to date £3500. Ongoing tbc.

Technical sundries: computers, phones etc £2500

1 year sabbatical from my job for research and to launch the campaign £30,000

So in the region of about £76,000 and that is just what I can remember off the top of my head.

Basic running costs of the campaign are around £2000pa before we do any events or produce any films. Without your donations it will eventually grind to a halt so please support us.

NB. All money raised goes into a specific campaign bank account and will be included in our yearly accounts so you can have confidence all donations are fully accounted for.