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SRM is cause of warming, not the solution

More and more genuine science is pointing to current SRM programs being cause of Climate Change

A recent article published by reports that a study published recently by Jerry Tjiputra and colleagues at Uni Research and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research highlights something we have been saying since late 2013; Climate Engineering, specifically SRM – Solar Radiation Management – is the likely cause of current weather anomalies and not a solution for the ever flailing theory of Global Warming and it’s even more ambiguously termed re-branded name Climate Change.

Impact of idealized future stratospheric aerosol injection on the large-scale ocean and land carbon cycles

The abstract can be viewed and the full paper can be purchased here for a small fee.

Though the paper does not directly suggest CE is happening now and the cause any unusual weather phenomena and environmental anomalies, it does suggest that CE would cause negative consequences for oceans, water cycles and land environments.

It is hard to ignore the fact that there is a strong correlation between what the paper suggest would happen if these programs were implemented and what we are seeing in patterns in the Biosphere and Hydrosphere right now.

Their simulations indicate that a large change in precipitation patterns will occur which will alter the productivity of terrestrial vegetation.

In addition, ocean conveyor belt circulation will be affected, leading to a wide-spread and acceleration of ocean acidification rate in the North Atlantic seafloor,

3 examples from the paper are changes in global precipitation patterns, a disruption of the gulf stream and other ocean currents, and increased ocean acidification


“…deliberate climate fix, where you inject a large amount of aerosol particles to the sky in order to prevent global warming, should not be considered as a strategy to stop climate change.”


Other examples

The scientific world is awash with papers and articles that cast doubt on the entire CE debate, citing all manner of risks problems with the idea, including the rather glaring problems that the world is not actually warming, and the fact that spraying chemicals into the sky would not do anything to reduce what is now hailed as the cause of Global Warming – CO2.

Many papers also suggest the effects of such programs would cause negative changes in the Hydrosphere and Biosphere similar to those being experienced now.

One perfect example which we were delighted to be presented with at the Cambridge SRM Symposium in 2015 is when Prof. Stephen Salter showed an image of a climate model taken from a paper by A. Jones, J. Haywood, O. Boucher, B. Kravitz and A. Roboc which predicted that if 5 megatons of aerosols were dispersed annually into the atmosphere it would result in weather extremes in the Philippines region and in warming in the Arctic region.


5 megatons

Now anyone who watches even the daily news will realise this is exactly what we are experiencing right now and have been for some time. Severe storms in the Philippines region and Arctic warming have both been attributed to Global Warming – or it’s ambiguously re-branded name Climate Change –  of course, but there is no reliable science to back up these claims; no identifiable process or natural system that can explain the cause and effect. There is, however, evidence to show that tampering with the Biosphere in the ways in which we see happening now, by pumping millions of tons of aerosols into the sky from commercial passenger jets, is likely to produce the conditions we are now seeing globally.


Polar climate discrepancy

It is interesting to note also that despite the alarmist claims of runaway warming and runaway melting of polar ice caps, the Antarctic ice has actually increased and continues to increase year on year. We now know that this is because there is no aviation above the Antarctic creating cloud cover and hence warming the ice whereas the Arctic has around 50,000 flights pa causing massive cloud cover which is warming the environment, and as a consequence, the Antarctic has no sooty deposits from aviation turning the ice black and hence increasing the rate of melting even further.

The Antarctic is still a relatively untainted, natural system and hence is following the trends expected. Current global patterns actually indicate we are in a cooling phase not a warming one which would explain perfectly the polar climate discrepancy we are now seeing. Obviously this is incredibly inconvenient for the Global Warming story so they had to think of an explanation…


The latest official, establishment propaganda

As we would expect the organisations behind the Global Warming Hoax and current Climate Engineering programs, which includes NASA and many major scientific institutions, have quickly trotted off a theory to explain the polar climate discrepancy claiming that it is because the Antarctic is surrounded by ‘old sea currents’. This was duly propagated by the mainstream media.

Mail Antartica

This is an interesting ‘theory’ because it flies in the face of the last major excuse put out by the Global Warming alarmist camp called Ocean Warming.

NASA Ocean Warming


Ocean Warming was invented by the Climate Alarmist camp to explain the even more inconvenient data released in 2014 that showed that mean global surface temperatures had not increased in 19 years. This was obviously a major problem for those trying to convince us of Global Warming and the impending doom it was to inflict on us. They quickly trotted off the Ocean Warming theory which posited, for the first time ever we hasten to add, that the reason the world had not warmed was because the oceans had absorbed all the heat and it was going to release all that heat in a blaze of fury in a few years time, causing us all to burn and die (of course). Well, how convenient. It sounds a little bit like an evangelist preacher telling his congregation that they had not all been struck down for sinning on the date he predicted because God has decided to wait until next month, but that they definitely would be struck down next month unless they all did what he told them to do.


Even more bizarre is the fact NASA are also still clinging onto the warming ocean currents theory to explain all the melting ice in Antarctica. That’s all the melting ice that hasn’t actually melted because of the old ocean currents keeping them cool, preventing them from melting, but which should have melted because the world is warming, but not on land, just in the sea… etc !


NASA Antarctic


Err, confused. Well, we’re not surprised.

Old ocean currents cooling the Antarctic is almost as silly as Ocean Warming and of course a complete contradiction. Of course the new theory is accompanied by all sorts of graphs and maps and ‘facts’ and figures to baffle the average reader into thinking it is all real science, but ultimately it simply does not make sense and we have very good reason to be sceptical.

During the Climate Engineering Conference 2014 in Berlin, we attended a talk during which we were treated to a presentation on the all-new theory of Ocean Warming. Many graphs and diagrams into the talk we started to get a sense that even the people presenting did not really believe what they were saying. They seemed as confused as the frowning audience they were talking to.

At this point in the proceedings we felt the need to point out the following:

“how are we to take anything you say seriously when you can suddenly invent a new theory out of nowhere with little or no solid evidence to explain away inconvenient data, because by doing so you are basically stating that you have been wrong for the last 20 years, and simultaneously failed to notice any evidence for this new theory for the last 20 years,. Furthermore you are now saying that this new theory is definitely correct, and that we must believe it and all its ramifications because it is a fact. A scientific fact declared as such by you, the people that have been wrong about everything for the last 20 years”

The speaker muttered something incomprehensible and moved on to the next graph.

Well forgive us for being sceptical…




Further reading:

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