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GMACAG  September 27th 2014

Others people in the movement did not seem to be getting involved with this so have taken the reigns and will be organising this march. Other groups are also promoting it independently, so we will just converge on the day at Hyde Park and hopefully do it again, but even bigger and even better than last time.

We will also be marching to Downing Street and handing in a dossier of evidence that details all the work we have done over the last year. It will follow on from communications we have sent to ministers and newspapers about this issue. By doing this we ensure that this topic is well and truly in the public domain so as to ensure politicians and media cannot claim they did not know.

This will force the issue to be acted on, as we feel that if those contacted do not then act they can be held accountable for not doing so.

GMACAG May 5th 2014

May 5th saw a great turnout for the GMACAG event in London. 2-300 people met and marched on Downing Street to send a clear message to our government that we not only know what is going on, but DO NOT CONSENT. The May event was organised by Paul Fitch and was a great success. A written petition was handed into the Prime Minister along with a document called the Directive to Ban Geoengineering, produced by another activist website. Unlike our e-petition those documents were not legally binding, so can be ignored by our leaders, however the handing in itself was an important turning point as the subject is now official and the government can no longer claim not to know or have seen any proof of this subject.

We are looking forward to hearing feedback from No. 10 as soon as it materialises. Apparently a letter was sent in response to this but we have not seen it yet.


Recent Demonstrations we have organised

MET Office – 11.7.14 – NO MORE LIES

We went to the MET to expose the fact that they are inventing new cloud names, and misusing existing words to try and cover up or explain away all the new and strange cloud formations we see now in our skies. We emailed them and phoned them to ask if they would speak to us about these new cloud names and they refused to answer any of our communications or to speak with us on the day. We take that as an admission of guilt. If you have nothing to hide, don’t hide, talk to us.

We have other events coming up soon.

Calendar of Local Events

We have not had the time to sort out a calendar of local events, but UK Skywatch list some events, and they have a great website, so please check in with them.

Organise your own event

If you cannot make it to one of the national events then please organise your own. Even a table in the town square with some leaflets is enough. The more people we have out there talking about this, the more the public will accept it and get behind it. Sadly human nature is such that until people see others doing things, they wont act themselves.

If you do plan to do this we can supply leaflets to give out. Please visit our leaflet page.