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Coping With The Knowledge

I once described the moment it dawn on you that this is happening as being similar to: someone discovering their spouse had been having an affair for the last 10 years.

How one copes with this sudden realisation is very difficult to answer and varies depending on the person. Coming to terms with the fact that global corporations have taken control of virtually all the airlines, amalgamated them all into 3 groups, modified the planes with equipment to spray aerosols, and are now spraying stuff into our skies which is creating cloud cover and dramatically affecting our weather. Then add the fact that our government and possibly other organisations such as the CAA, MET Office and NATS must know what is going on, and it becomes even harder to accept.

WTF” is a common response, and a very valid one. Initial feelings can range from dismay, to disbelief, to shock, anger and utter despair in some cases. Personally I ended ticking the box that said [All of the above}. Some of the topic can be explained by the Kübler-Ross model, commonly known as the 5 stages of grief, but how does one deal with the realisation that we are being lied to on such a massive scale? There seems little doubt in most people’s minds who have investigated this in detail that the program is happening and is huge, affecting the weather right across Europe and beyond with reports of strange skies and trails coming in from almost every corner of the globe now.

I am assuming here that like myself, they have never been one to subscribe to the usual gamut of conspiracy theories previously, but have seen trails in the sky or been told about them, read up on them, and are now at the edifice of an entire world that they either really don’t want to be part of or simply don’t want to enter. The question is, who do you believe? If you have seen the original Total Recall you might remember the moment when Arny is in the terrifying situation of having to make a decision between trusting those who told him emphatically that he was mad and was imagining it all, or to trust his instinct and believe the unbelievable, that they really were all lying to him.

Being scientifically minded, and generally I would describe myself as a sceptic, I read up on this a lot and very quickly, and was very soon utterly convinced that what I was seeing in the sky was not normal, was very bad, and was being done deliberately. This was no incidental pollution, or condensation. Something was going on, and I wanted to know what.

It is at that moment we have the choice to go through the door and enter a world previously completely unknown to us, or at least invisible or irrelevant. Irrelevant is a good word to use because the one thing that this topic makes us realise is that we are ALL at risk from this. I responded mostly to my feelings of anger about what I saw, so had no trouble in kicking the door open and charging through it with guns blazing. the rest is history as they say.

So lets return to Mrs. Average who has a husband, a job, some kids and a dog and lives in a house in Average Town. What on earth is she supposed to think. How the f**k is she supposed to deal with this information and all the powerful emotions that naturally accompany it. Swear word intended, as only emphatic words can really convey the utter sense of confusion, self-doubt, fear, suspicion and conflicting thoughts and emotions that suddenly fill your already busy, stressed-out and tired mind. It is truly is a very difficult moment for some.

Most conspiracy theories do not concern most people as they don’t affect our daily lives, but with climate engineering we are not dealing with stories of shadowy figures meeting in parks exchanging microfilm, or rumours of secret documents that are hard to verify, we are dealing with bloody great big lines across the sky that came from that plane that just flew over and that we can all see clearly turning into cloud cover if we just look up for more than a few minutes, hence the choice of name for this website. Add to this the almost constant grey or hazy skies, weird cloud formations, and strange environmental conditions and we realise this is a simple thing to see once you know what you are looking for. It is so universally disturbing to all because it is affecting the air we breath, the very ether we exist in.

Some will not be able to resist ‘passing through’ as I call it, but some will hover, preferring to stay in the land of the safe for now until they know more or are forced for one reason or another. That is their prerogative, and we will come back to that point. Once though the ‘Gates of Hell’, as I jokingly refer to it, then things don’t necessarily get any easier, far from it. After one has been aware for some weeks, and has tried to tell all their friends and family about this, expecting everyone to suddenly go “oh my god you’re right, quick let’s do something” we can become very disillusioned with the lack of response from others. Reactions can vary enormously from person to person, from mild interest, to complete indifference, to smug and patronising “Really? err, are you serious?” to, in extreme cases, people reacting very angrily and aggressively which has happened to me on several occasions. One example of an extreme reaction was in a local online forum, where a huge spat erupted just because I had mentioned the subject as the reason I was doing something. We have to try to remember that life is not easy for most people, and our lives and heads are full of details, emotions, problems, difficulties, illnesses, family issues, job worries etc, the list goes on, and some people just can’t cope with, or don’t want to cope with, yet more to worry about, especially something so utterly massive as this. We must also remember (though it can be hard to accept) that why should they care. We often feel we have the duty and or the right to inform people, but what we don’t have is the right to expect them to react like us or accept what we are saying. This has been the hardest part for me… when telling people what I know, I have faced complete indifference on occasions and been completely thrown by this. In my mind there really is no bigger issue we face now, and at times I feel by not addressing this issue people really are risking the future of the world as we know it. Then, I try to bring myself back from this, and realise that others are just pootling along in their lives completely unaware of what is transpiring in the skies above us. i have now split people into 2 groups. Not seeing this is excusable in my mind. Indeed I didn’t see it for the 20 or so years it has reputedly been happening, so who am I to criticise. Then you have the people who have had this shown to them, explained to them, and still they refuse absolutely to pay any attention to it or even acknowledge the possibility that it might be real. I have a problem with these people, but do I have the right to be angry with them? Tricky. I think I do, and at times I am furious. I can’t quite explain why, but I feel like they are just being incredibly selfish and short-sighted. I remember another analogy I came up with in a moment of extreme frustration at people’s indifference: “Sometime I feel like I am in a burning house full of people on heroin. I am rushing from one person to the next shaking them, trying to warn them that the house in on fire, but they just stare back at me with empty grins, shrug me off, or tell me to stop bothering them. Eventually I wanted to leave them all to burn.” As I said this came at a time when I was exasperated that people could even consider ignoring this. How could they? Are they all stupid? Are they mad? Don’t they care? WTF is going on… and that last statement is one you will likely ask yourself very often. I won’t answer it here, but if you eventually visit the Rabbit Hole, I have written some stuff in there about it, but a big clue is the more TV someone watches, the less able they are to understand and accept this.

I think age may also be a factor. The older the recipient, the less likely they are to care, for reasons I wont go into now. The trick to coping with your newly acquired knowledge is to move carefully forward, trying not to affect your life, your emotional state, or the lives or emotional states of others around you too much, especially immediate family and children. That said my son, who is 8, is a big proponent of pointing out sky-trails to all and sundry at every opportunity’. Some time ago he shouted out “sky-trails” at the top of his voice in a cinema as we watched Turbo, a film by Pixar who are well-known to draw trails into their films.

It’s a tall order to be self-controlled and self disciplined, and not everyone can be that clever or considerate; I certainly wasn’t in the early stages. This is a journey you start on your own, and like all humans we often seek to share experiences with people so that we can share the feelings, fears and uncertainties in this case, with others. One of the purposes of this website is to help you through that initial process; to be that person, or people, you can share it with. For me it was exceptionally difficult but as I connected with other people who were either more knowledgeable than me or at the same stage as myself, then I found I could talk and share, join in and feel part of something, but most importantly that I was not alone in my stand against this.

Be strong. Take your time. Do what you can in your own way and within the limits of your life and your own strengths. Don’t destroy yourself or let this destroy you. Together we can fight this and together we can and will win, so go find people and join the fight.

Stay positive. Stay focussed. Stay in touch.