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Facts are facts.
There is no warming.

That is why Global Warming had to be re-branded as Climate Change.

Despite the best efforts of the Climate Engineering movement to warm our atmosphere by dumping thousands of tonnes of aerosols and particulates every day, the global average temperature has not changed significantly and there is no observable warming trend whatsoever.

Climate Change is the new and stupifyingly ambiguous name for Global Warming. The world didn’t warm, so they moved the goal posts preferring to rely on more subtle and hard-to-prove things like flooding and extreme weather to scare us.

Both Global Warming and Climate Change have been force-fed to society for so long and so relentlessly that most people are utterly convinced it is real. Though the more astute seem to have worked out that it hasn’t warmed or that the media seem to hysterical about it, presenting very one-sided reportage, the majority of people still believe that the world is somehow under threat from this terrible thing that threatens to both drown us and burn us alive.


The real science

The reason most average people remain convinced about the warming theory is that the media, that bastion of truth and independence (not) that most people rely on for their information, only reports pro-warming and alarmist ‘science’. They conveniently ignore, or try to rubbish, the fact that 31,487 scientists to date, including 112 atmospheric scientists and 32 climatologists have signed a petition to the US government stating that they do not support any of the alarmist science behind the Global Warming Hoax, and feel the draconian legislation that is planned is politically motivated rather than anything to do with science.



The following websites are just a few of the multitude of pages that provide information that show that Global Warming, and its ambiguously re-branded name Climate Change, are just a huge political hoax.


Weather Action

Global Climate Scam

Climate Change Hoax

Global Warming Hoax


Articles in the press

Daily Express – Climate Change biggest hoax in history



Real weather records

Fortunately there are many people who make it their business to monitor the weather and it these people who are so valuable in our fight to expose the truth about what is really going on in our natural world. The mainstream or complicit media, as we like to refer to them, relentlessly report exaggerated and fear-mongering headlines about extreme this, the most severe that, the worst this, the hottest that etc ad-infinitum, but the reality is that despite the best efforts of those behind the current climate engineering to warm our atmosphere, average temperatures around the world have not risen at all.

The following document was sent to us by one of our readers and represents years of details monitoring of weather conditions in the UK. It clearly shows no warming trend.


We would be very interested to receive similar weather records from other amateur meteorologists so as to strengthen the case.


The links to Climate Engineering

We have reported this many times, but for the benefit of new readers, the link to Climate Engineering is quite simple. CE is not only causing most of the weather events that are described as extreme, it is also causing any warming that might be happening on a local level. We explore why in other articles. More importantly though, CE programs will be introduced on the back of the perceived climate emergency as a solution. It is a very tried and tested method for the establishment to do something they know we wont agree to. Create the problem, and then offer the solution.

We explore this in more depth in our documentary – Climate Engineering Research Symposium 2015.