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Greenland’s black ice is being deliberately melted

How Carbon Black is being used to melt Arctic ice,

Since first publishing this article some time ago we have discovered this report:

Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy and written this accompanying article which explains precisely what is going on with the soot or Carbom Black as it is know.


Published on: Nov 7, 2014

Shocking images of Greenland’s black ice may be caused by the effects of one of the 3 main climate engineering programs.

This article on the website attributes this black soot-like fallout to wildfires, but we find it hard to believe that fires would cause such a massive amount of what appears to be uniform fallout over such vast areas. The writers have stated that they will be doing analysis of the soot-like layer deposited on the ice which should confirm the source. We would put money on the fact it will turn out to be combusted diesel soot. We would also like to do our own analysis so as to be sure we are getting the real story about this. If this can be proved to be combusted diesel soot then we have a huge piece of evidence to back up our theory about ‘CO2 forcing‘ by commercial aircraft.

 All images taken from original article on

 The link to CO2 and the Global Warming Hoax

The supposedly ‘disastrous tipping point‘ of  400ppm, which is claimed by the corporate-backed, climate-alarmist agitators to represent a pivotal threshold above which the world will warm more than 2 degrees Celsius and may lead to runaway warming, was recently recorded in South America. This has been used to fuel global anxiety about the supposedly impending climate catastrophe. The IPCC – the UN’s International Propaganda on Climate Change department – recently reported that “climate catastrophe is only 30 years away“, a completely reckless claim that has no scientific validity whatsoever.

The reason this is relevant is because CO2 is now the only remaining thing supporting the now desperately flagging Climate Change Hoax. Look-Up’s exclusive expose’ of a deliberate CO2 forcing program carried out by a fleet of commercially liveried aircraft completely undermines this last leg of the hoax. also realised that if we  consider that CO2 levels have risen by about 20ppm in the last 20 years (probably due to this type of activity) and yet global mean surface temperatures have remained stable we realise that CO2 probably does not even directly relate to atmospheric warming at all. The science is so tenuous it is incredible it has managed to survive this long but the public are being fooled more by the media circus than the science. Most know little to nothing about the science and simply accept what the media tells them, and therein lies the problem and the reason this massive hoax has managed to lurch on for so long despite most real climate scientist now having little or no faith in the alarmist predictions at all.

The reporting of impending doom by the small global cabal of warmists is also so dramatic and its predictions now so extreme that it is hard to conclude anything except that those who are shouting so loudly about the whole global climate catastrophe scenario are basically making it all up. As far as we are concerned the entire scam has now been laid bare. The more evidence emerges to prove it is being fabricated, the louder they shout and then more dramatic the language. It is almost like watching a school bully in his last throes of aggression before being set upon by all the smaller kids who have finally realised he is all mouth and no trousers. Pitiful really, and if the consequences of them achieving their goals weren’t so serious it would be laughable. Sadly we really do need to fear the outcome if the corporate-backed alarmist movement realises its aim of introducing what can only be termed a climate emergency.


Please watch this short film showing ‘unlisted’ commercially liveried planes spewing thick black smoke over central Europe.

We are not the only people to have seen this and indeed many scientists at the Climate Engineering Conference in Berlin also reported seeing similar activity, but nobody else has filmed it in action in such graphic and conclusive detail.


Convenient side effect or part of the hoax

So we know that the arctic environment is conducive to atmospheric pollutants settling on the ice, which is why ice cores have been so popular in determining past climate and atmospheric conditions, so it is reasonable to assume that if our atmosphere is being pumped with huge quantities of smoke (which it clearly is), then it will settle there in large quantities. The images we see in this article seem to suggest this is a more likely scenario than forest fires for reasons we described earlier. One thing we have to state though is we have not managed to confirm exactly what area has been affected by this deposit so it is hard to try to state this is conclusive, far from it. We are trying to gain more information at the moment.

Whatever the cause and however large the area, aside being visually shocking, the black ice is actually helping the entire global warming, (re-branded climate change due to no warming) hoax. Black objects convert more of the sun’s energy into heat, which has the added bonus of melting more of the ice than would occur naturally. This, of course, bolsters the alarmist claims that Global Warming is to blame for melting ice. Interestingly it may go some way to also explain why the arctic ice has actually decreased somewhat in the past few years, whereas the antarctic ice has increased by 5% according to an article in New Scientist some time ago. The difference is likely caused by the fact that most air traffic is concentrated in the northern hemisphere.

It seems strange that when we hear the relentless bleatings from the alarmist camp about melting ice sheets in Greenland, they never mention the fact the ice sheet is black, or the fact that our atmosphere is being pumped full of diesel soot by unlisted, commercially liveried aircraft. Funny that.

No reports of black ice in the antarctic exist as far as we are aware, and as a result the ice there has increased as predicted by the real climate scientists who tend to believe the world is in a slightly cooling phase, rather than a warming one. There is no way of knowing if this is all part of the hoax or just a convenient side effect of the CO2 forcing program we see in the video above, suffice to say it all fits rather nice doesn’t it !


Daily thermostat

Digressing slightly this is also why the main program of persisting, spreading trails exists. Far from blocking sunlight and cooling, creating regular artificial cloud cover in that way actually warms the atmosphere by trapping heat. We have noticed trends recently whereby the daily temperatures drop considerably on days where persistent, spreading trails have not been employed. We expand on this in our article Grand Unifying Theory coming very soon.


Analysis. has tried to contact the people behind this report but had no answer as yet. We are keen to know the results of the laboratory tests on the soot. We are also very keen to verify those results by looking at the data and by conducting our own tests. If you live in Greenland or know anyone that does please get in touch so we can try to obtain our own sample.


We hope to expand on this very important article in time, and we are obviously very keen to speak with the people behind the original article and research to try to get some answers.

Please do feed back to us if you think of any way of progressing this. If you know anyone in Greenland please do get in touch.