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Transient flights routed out of their way over London

Hundreds of transient, transatlantic flights are routed unnecessarily over London every day. Why?

The gallery below is just a few images taken in the first few days of June 2017 showing unequivocally that transient transatlantic flights are being routed by NATS – National Air Traffic Service – out of their way to pass over London. Most of these flights will also be at altitudes not normal for long-haul flights, often well below 20,000ft. While doing so they also broadcast false ADS-B altitude information to pretend they are flying at 34-40,000ft which is normal cruising altitude for long-haul flights.

Simple logic that dictates that if you can see a plane with the naked eye and make out the wings, tail fin, the livery or any features of the aircraft then it is very likely below 20,000ft. A plane flying at 37,000ft is barely visible at all, just a tiny spec… that is because it is 7 miles high. Think about that. We have also filmed this in action many times to show what we mean.

We have reported this suspicious behaviour to the CAA, NATS, The Mayor of London both at his Mayoral office and his parliamentary office and to the The MET Office (because they are creating cloud cover).

We have been stonewalled every time, either completely ignored or told quite simply that we were wrong and that this was not happening.

Err… it clearly is, so these people must therefore know what is going on and are afraid to comment or do anything about it. WHY ?

You can do this at home. Simply go to (FR24) and wait until a plane flies over you. If it is flying low enough for you to see the wings and other features of the plane clearly, click on the plane on FR24 and lo and behold you will see the flight number, the airline, the routing and most importantly the altitude.  We bet you a pint of beer that FR24 will say it is flying above 34,000ft. NB. This has nothing to do with as they run a purely reactive system that cannot alter data, which is collected from many independent sources. It is the airlines that are manipulating the transponder to show false altitude. Incredible as that may sound there really is not other explanation. It is not the pilots who do this it is done centrally from satellite systems that communicate with the electronic systems of the aircraft.

Sadly we cant prove this with laser range finders any more because the CAA made that illegal. How convenient, but simple trigonometry states that if a plane is half a mile to your side and you can see the logo on the tail-fin, it cannot be 7 miles above you. Think about it!

Look at the gallery and ask yourself… why are planes being routed to fly out of their way to pass over London?