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Is air pollution the new Global Warming and the latest Establishment ruse?

They tried for nearly 40 years to convince us the world was warming but we eventually realised it wasn’t so they came up with new scare story

That we faced a climate catastrophe. That the oceans would rise up and engulf us like some beast from below. That the end was nigh unless we gave up all of our privacy, liberty and freedoms and surrendered ourselves to them so they could unite us all in panic to fight this global threat to our existence. The only problem is that global mean temperatures didn’t rise, in fact they have been stable now for more than 20 years (a fact very reluctantly admitted to by the IPCC in 2013 [1] ). Genuine scientists believe we are actually in a cooling phase [2]; the mini ice age that was predicted in the 1970s before Global Warming had been invented by the Club Of Rome as a way to achieve global unity and hence global control. Nowadays we know it as globalism but it’s far from a new ideology. It has been planned for many decades.

The oceans haven’t risen either – despite the best efforts of the aviation industry to melt Arctic ice by sending 50,000 flights a year over the Arctic, creating vast amounts of cloud cover which warms the atmosphere, not to mention the ‘Black Carbon‘ trails which turn the ice black increasing melting further [3] [4]. In fact, despite increasingly desperate and dire headlines in the Murdock Media everything seems relatively normal actually. So much so in fact that even Mr. & Mrs Rich T Biscuit are now wondering what on earth all the fuss was about and what on earth these mad old boffins are on about. What a lot of tosh.

So… hundreds of $billions have been invested in scaring the hell out of us but we haven’t fallen for it at all, or maybe a little bit in the middle perhaps but certainly people are now largely dismissing the Global Warming – re-branded Climate Change – fiasco as a rather unfortunate mistake at best, or possibly a blatant hoax at worst. Clearly the latter in our minds.

So, this leaves a very large section of the complicit scientific community with a lot of egg on their face and scratching their heads as to why they have not managed to fool the gullible public into believing their alarmist nonsense… what are they going to bleat about now? What can they scare us with now they ask themselves. Simple. Just look at China…

We reported back in 2014 that the smogs from China were going to arrive in the UK very soon and we were right. Before you start getting all scientific on us, we don’t mean they have blown here from China… that kind of pseudo-scientific nonsense is the preserve of the MET Office who once tried to convince us that the thick smog in Devon had blown there from the London morning rush hour. We politely pointed out that it was 11.30am and with a wind-speed of 2-3mph that simply wasn’t possible as London is 120 miles away. The ‘weather advisor’ then simply replied. Oh. Yeh, ok, well it must have come from somewhere else then. We have that conversation recorded and may release one day. Unbelievable really but this is reality of what we face now; mindless lies and disinformation from official, so-called scientific organisations.

Smogs in North Devon 2015

What we mean is that we predicted that the UK would become victim to similar smogs to those witnessed in China, and indeed here we are. What most have not considered though is that there is no identifiable land-based source for all this pollution. There are about 10% more cars on UK roads than in 2000, but that increase can more than be offset by improvements in combustion/emissions so there is no reason for there to be any more pollution than there was in 2000. Smogs were unheard of 17 years ago. Cars and trucks are cleaner than they have even been, there is almost no polluting industry left in the UK and certainly none in North Devon! So where is all this stuff coming from?

Well its quite simple really. All you need to do is look at flight patterns and compare them with maps of the smogs over the UK. Bingo. Planes are creating the smogs. If you want to get really smart then you could also compare distribution maps detailing respiratory illness in the UK and once again you get a near perfect correlation with aircraft routes.

Below is just a single image of a few flights. We have an entire gallery showing the shocking reality of air traffic over the UK every day. See more here.

Interesting. Even more ‘interesting’ is the fact that in all of the numerous papers, reports and scientific literature that the Mayor of London and other assorted political doom-sayers across the UK who bleat about this issue rely on, there is not one single mention of aircraft other than to suggest that planes landing at Heathrow might, just might, be contributing to London’s poor air quality. It is not, however, domestic* aviation that is the real problem, it is the several thousand daily transient flights that are routed out of their way to pass over UK cities that are causing the problem.

*on this website we use the term domestic to refer not only to flights within the UK but also to cover any international flights that arrive or depart from a UK airport. This is to distinguish them from transient, international aviation which simply flies over UK airspace.

Not only are they flying out of their way to pass over as many UK cities as possible on their way to the US and back again, they often fly very low, abnormally and suspiciously low in fact [cruising altitude for long haul flights is 34-37,000ft], while broadcasting false altitude information. Clearly if you can make out the livery on the tail-fin of a plane it is not flying at 37,000ft – that’s 7 miles high to those who are not familiar with altitude information. 7 miles ! It’s not rocket science, its basic trigonometry.

Anyhow back to Armageddon!

“Yes we must scare them. Scare them more.

But Sir they don’t believe in Global Warming any more Sir.

What? How dare they, what do they think they are, clever or something. Think of something else man and be quick about it.

Yes Sir. There was one thing Sir. The Chinese are using air pollution to scare their people Sir.

Air pollution. (scratches chin). Bloody brilliant. Get to it and let the papers know what your up to.

Yes Sir. Will do Sir.”

Joking aside, a rather disturbing development of the disgruntled EU corporatocracy, propaganda machine was the claim that the UK leaving the EU – the organisation that is funding all Climate intervention research via organisations such as the IASS – has resulted in them (the EU) looking towards China to bolster support for the increasingly dubious Paris Climate deal.


For those not up to speed the Paris deal is simply a back-door way of getting states to agree to implement unapproved and unregulated Climate Engineering – or Solar Radiation Management – programs. The idea is simple really. Get them to agree to a deal which limits temperature rises to 1.5 Celsius. Pretend that it is impossible to achieve. Then claim that the only way to do so is with Intervention techniques and BINGO – you start spraying stuff into the sky to form cloud cover. Because the situation is ‘so dire and urgent’ there is no time for trials or public approval so they must go ahead and do it anyway. We explored this scenario in our documentary film in 2015 – Climate Engineering Research Symposium 2015

Smogs are the new Climate Change, which was the new Global Warming

And so it came to pass that Air Pollution was the new stick with which to beat the poor fools of Britain. Smogs and deaths, particulates, Carbon Black, Nitrous Oxide, terrible choking pollution, It is killing you all… quick lets charge people lots of money for the privilege of driving their cars. That will cure it. Except it wont. Charging schemes have been shown in various studies to have no long-term effect on traffic volumes or pollution levels and so can be regarded simply as a form of taxation.

The message has changed slightly but the ideology is the same. Scare the hell out of them and make them agree to allow you to do things you would not have otherwise been allowed to do. All the usual faces are on board with the new boogie-man. Sadiq Khan is bleating about it. Client Earth – who describe themselves as environmental lawyers but who refused repeatedly to acknowledge or comment on our Smokers film of a fleet of passenger jets spewing vast amounts of combusted diesel into the sky during flight –  have endorsed lots of draconian measures to punish drivers of evil diesel vehicles and even try to get them to trash their vehicles. The Environmental Climate Circus organisations such as Greenpeace have adopted the new terminology of fear and the show is well and truly on the road.

We asked Sadiq Khan in one of our many emails which he has ignored how high the Ultra Low Emissions Zone extends? does it go up to 40,000ft? If not then why not !

Of course the Global Climate Circus still harp on about the end of the world and the great flood that is supposedly coming. The IPCC will have us believe that the oceans have absorbed all the heat and are holding onto it for a little while until they get angry, at which point they will release it all in a fit of fury – causing us all to burn and die of course. Interestingly they only dreamed up this new theory in 2013 when they had to admit that global, mean, surface temperatures had not risen in 17 years and in doing so confirmed not only that they had been wrong about the atmosphere warming for 17 years but had also failed to notice the oceans warming for 17 years. It really is a bit like listening to the evangelist Reverend Jolly Umbongo on a street corner in Kilburn High Road talking about the day of reckoning. Mad, illusory visions of the end of the world designed to scare us into subordination. Except… that this is far more sinister and serious than poor ol’ Reverend Umbongo’s religious bleatings. These people are scientists, professionals and heads of international organisations that are supposed to have our interests at heart.  People we are supposed to trust and have faith in, to follow unwaveringly, a bit like doctors. We put our faith in them because they don’t lie and know more than we do. Oh how wrong we are…

Sadly we can no longer trust what some factions of our scientific community and our international governmental organisations, especially the EU affiliated IPCC, and NGOs are telling us. They are quite simply lying to us and trying to mislead us. if you find that hard to swallow then allow us to politely remind you that a couple of years ago 43 member of the Royal Society wrote to their chairman declaring they had lost faith in the organisation because of its utterly biased reporting of Climate Science which unrelentingly favoured alarmist, global warming propaganda. Let us also remind you that more than 31,000 American scientists signed a petition to the then President Obama to say they did not believe in Global Warming.


Inconceivable as that sounds it is the bitter reality and it is not just our scientific institutions that have been infiltrated by these people. Universities are increasingly restricting free speech in all its forms, but particularly in the realms of science. My very own University shut down research I was conducting on Solar Radiation Management and the tiny plastic micro-fibres sprayed by aircraft. As soon as one of the senior academics became aware of the nature of the research it was terminated without explanation. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to continue, not to approach any students or staff about it, and that even my offers to pay graduate students to conduct research were not acceptable and were not allowed. This is not uncommon either.

March for Science

On April 22nd this year (2017) rallies were held in the UK and US organised by a group called March for Science. They are a pressure group which seeks to keep science at the forefront of society and to keep it independent of political or commercial influence. A telling paragraph from the Mission page reads:

People who value science have remained silent for far too long in the face of policies that ignore scientific evidence and endanger both human life and the future of our world. New policies threaten to further restrict scientists’ ability to research and communicate their findings. We face a possible future where people not only ignore scientific evidence, but seek to eliminate it entirely.  Staying silent is a luxury that we can no longer afford.  We must stand together and support science.

The press played it down of course, describing it as a bunch of disgruntled scientists moaning about working conditions, but actually it was far more complex and important than that. Their message was very clear – that science is no longer independent and that corporate and political influence was increasingly stifling real science. Funding from dubious sources often determines what research is done and even the outcomes. The entire show is increasingly being controlled, manipulated and used for the interests of the corporations and The Establishment to back up or deny anything they want us to think. Of course they didn’t tell us that in the media. Why would they.

The end of free speech

At the same time we hear increasingly disturbing comments in the media about extremist ideology being crushed. A recent example was James O’Brian on LBC (June 2017) suggesting that Climate Deniers – a very loaded term that is in itself a form of denigration  – are extremists – holding extreme ideologies and world views, and they should be included in new anti-terror laws to silence them and possibly even incarcerate them if Theresa May gets her way. All very dark and shocking stuff. The stuff of nightmares and reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984. This comes as no surprise to us though at all. It has been on the Establishment Agenda for years. Back in September 2014 we reported that David Cameron made similar suggestions in a very surreal and disturbing address to the UN in which he claimed that anyone who holds a world view other than the official one is essentially an enemy of the state and should be punished.

Read the article here: Terrorism, the law and the end of free speech



It seems increasingly obvious that environmental catastrophe and terrorism are being used as sticks to beat society in submission and acceptance of ever more draconian legislation that not only allows for very polarised and highly controlled science but also the ability of governments to penalise and imprison dissenters. The fact that aviation is being completely and very obviously excluded from all of the discussions about air pollution is proof enough in itself that this is just another Establishment ruse.

So we now find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation whereby we must consider the fact that our society is being led by an alliance of people who seem determined to push an agenda of fear, totalitarianism and globalisation. To do so they must eliminate all dissent and silence critics. At the moment the methods by which they are able to do so are still relatively subtle and rely mostly on disinformation, ridicule, bullying and the threat of social and professional ostracisation. The really scary aspect of this though is the fact that if the globalist movement, which amounts to nothing less than a cult, get their way the methods that they will be able to use will be far more potent and backed up with legislation.

Scary times indeed. We must keep pushing and be relentless in our attempts to get onto stations such as LBC to put our views and our supporting science into the mainstream consciousness. Of course we do as often as possible but just a few regular voices can be undermined by very clever presenters, whereas a chorus of many more voices is much harder to suppress, ridicule or undermine.

Some will remember the resurgence of the WWII poster “Keep Calm And Carry On”. Few will be aware though that it was part of a series of 3 posters. One of the other 2 was “Freedom Is In Peril, Defend It With All Your Might”. We would suggest that we now opt for the latter rather than the former !

For supporting evidence and a generally bloody good read, please visit James Delingpole’s blog. A man who has the time and ability to publish far more stuff than we do and brilliantly considered stuff too. I only wish i had the time…

James Delingpole on Breitbart


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