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The current general printed leaflet is now free

We have taken the rather regrettable step to abandon distribution of the remaining 180,000 flyers from our first print run due to typos.. That’s about £3500 down the toilet but lesson learned. Get a printer who can proof properly and don’t rush into things. Sadly we rushed into getting a large run done so as to have something to give out in Berlin, which we did in large numbers, but our printer failed to spot 4 typos, and lots of people have commented that this completely undermines the leaflet, and we agree. Ultimately when you are trying to convince people that you have done your research and know what you’re talking about, spelling errors do not help.



Please, if you can make a donation do so as we have ploughed though a small fortune and this was really the straw that broke the camels back financially, so we have had to curtail seriously our investigative work as a result. We are so close now and really need people to support us and help the final stages of the campaign. The dossier is being submitted to legal people for help and advice before being updated and sent to various organisations. This is obviously also very expensive. Please visit our donations page if you feel you want to help with this process. Despite having spent tens of thousands of pounds we only have one donor at the moment giving £15 a month. We are very grateful to them whoever they are but we need more if we are to continue the fight effectively.


Current leaflets are now free

Because of storage costs and the fact we want to get them out as fast as possible so we can focus on the new ones we are giving away the current ones in unlimited numbers for free. The current printed leaflets are still worth distributing as they contain some great information and are very convincing and professional looking (excluding the typos) so if you want a bunch for free we can meet you in central London at any mainline station and hand over as many as you can handle.

They come in boxes of 2000. Hi-vis vests are still chargeable.


The new leaflet

We are currently raising funds to re-print the leaflets and hope to have it out before Christmas.

Most of the information will remain the same but if you feel you would like to make suggestions please contact us.