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Terrorism, the law and the end of free speech

Terrorism, the law and the end of free speech

By on Oct 14, 2014 in blog | 0 comments

As we wake up to the lies we see the beginning of the clamp-down on free speech. Is our free society about to be brutally terminated?

David Cameron made an address to the UN recently in which he repeatedly drew parallels between non-violent ideology extremism and terrorism essentially declaring anyone who questions the official line on virtually anything a potential terrorist, and the target of new legislation to be introduced.

Following on from our recent article warning of the introduction of a state of emergency and the potentially sinister implications of allowing our government to do so, we analyse this very disturbing speech and discuss what we feel is the true, underlying meaning of what is being said, and its possible implications for our free society.

We also respond to the speech with an official statement questioning the legality of what could be seen by many as an act of aggression against the British people and our way of life.

Read the full article here


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