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Fakebook suspended our account

Fakebook suspended our account

By on Dec 26, 2014 in blog | 0 comments

2014 has been a tumultuous year for us which seems to have culminated in us having our Fakebook account suspended…

The official reason is that we used a fake name. This is true as the personal account was called “Look Up”, and technically speaking one is supposed to use their real name, but Fakebook is awash with millions of accounts that breach that convention in all sorts of ways and they are not targeted.

[post script: We gained access eventually in January 2015 after sending passport ID directly to Fakebook via email instead of using the form on the website]

With 8,500+ followers and some seriously damaging information being disseminated on our page, it seems that it all got a bit too much for Fakebook and they shut us down. Maybe this is the first step in David Cameron’s campaign against ‘domestic ideological extremists’ who seek to expose the truth about what he and his globalist, corporate mafia are up to, or maybe this is the first step in ensuring these so-called domestic ideological extremists [that’s us apparently] are clearly identified so as to allow prosecution under his new draconian anti-terror laws at a later stage, i.e. once he has won the election !

Read the full story here.


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