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Climatism – Where the real science is reported

Climatism – Where the real science is reported

By on Jun 1, 2016 in blog | 0 comments

This forum is about Climate Engineering. Climate Engineering is essentially a Poli-Comm movement that wants to spray chemicals into our skies, block our sunshine and thereby contaminate our air. We do not have the knowledge and time to delve deeply into the Global Warming – re-branded Climate Change – Hoax, so we like to point you to other sources that deal with the topic far better than we ever could. It is crucial for us that our readers understand the hoax, because if one realises the reason for doing something terrible is a lie, then that something becomes invalid.


Climatism slice

It also alerts our readers to the fact that there is a mass of information presented on many forums such as this that is never reported in the mainstream press, which is further evidence that the entire GW/CC bandwagon is a sham being fostered by a global alliance of media, corrupt science and big business.

Visit the website: Climatism


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