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Daily time-lapse films of London skies

Daily time-lapse films of London skies

By on Aug 2, 2016 in blog | 0 comments

We have decided to up the ante and film and release daily time-lapse films of the skies over London.

Time lapse serves as a great way of forcing doubters to accept the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. It is almost impossible to ignore time-lapse footage. Even the most hardened of sceptics or those who are simply too scared or lack sufficient reasoning skills shall we say to understand printed articles on this subject seem to get it. Clear, real-time images of our skies being filled with expanding trails from planes almost every day. You can argue with them until you are blue in the face about the facts but they will invent all sorts of nonsense to try to avoid having to accept it, but show them a few of these films and they go very quiet.

See our new Vimeo channel here.


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