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Climate Engineering Blog

Climate Engineering Blog

By on Jun 24, 2015 in blog | 0 comments

For those that still doubt the existence of Climate Engineering we suggest you have a look at this blog, published by the KIEL EARTH INSTITUTE. It is a useful resource for 2 reasons; firstly it gives valuable information about the latest developments for those who are researching this topic from whatever angle, but more importantly it shows sceptics that this is a very real and burgeoning industry, based entirely on the idea that if we don’t allow private corporations (domestic airlines) to spray unknown and potentially harmful chemicals into our skies to block our sunshine we will all burn and die as a result of Global Warming, a theory that has been largely debunked by the majority of the world’s scientific community primarily due to the fact that despite catastrophic predictions the world has not warmed at all.

If you think that is an acceptable situation then carry on playing with your dumb-phone. If however you still have a fully functioning brain then please pay attention, read up, and speak up about this.




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