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The videos from the Climate Engineering Conference 2014 are now online. These are just the plenary sessions, not the lectures themselves, but give a very interesting insight as to the flavour of the event and the mindset of the people behind it.

We are currently still in the process of writing up the event, and will release our video and audio recordings of the lectures we attended very soon, together with our take on the content of those meetings. We managed to make a very big impression on the event as a whole, so in that respect it was a great success, but on a deeper level it gave us a very profound understanding of exactly what is going on, so us being there was incredibly important and worth every penny of the £2k we spent getting myself and and Terry Lawton* out there.

The videos are very interesting and even the introductory speeches reveal a great deal about the agenda behind this organisation and the event as whole. Please take the time to listen and think…

We summarise the event on this page.


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