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C.E.C. 2014 Overview

This page is still being developed but is in a readable format.

Sadly we simply don’t have time to write this up, and with some many other more pressing issues we probably wont get round to it in the near future. The upshot of the event was that it gave a very deep understanding of what is happening and why. Global governance seems to be the underlying reason for the entire program !


In August this year travelled to Berlin and officially became part of the global debate on Climate Engineering.

We were extremely excited to have been accepted at this event, and even more so when we were scheduled to host a session in which we presented our evidence to the global scientific community on both sides of this increasingly important debate.

The event was 4 days, from 9am until 9pm, with continued lectures being held simultaneously in several rooms, so it was impossible for us to cover every lecture. Because of this we invited Terry Lawton to join us, so he could cover some of the important lectures we were not able to attend.

Monday consisted of a series of plenary sessions attended by all and presented by an array of key member of the IASS and other leading figures in the proposed Climate Engineering movement. Introduced by Mark Lawrence, the plenary sessions were very interesting, but despite going with a totally open mind we were immediately alerted by the repeated mention of two things:

1. The problems, including time span needed, for mitigation (reduction of CO2)

2. The need for global governance so as to be able to manage the proposed programs

These two points were to prove fundamental in shaping our understanding of the situation, as the week developed and we considered them in context of the event and in the context of what we know to be happening now.

Even on the first day the word governance was mentioned 17 times we think (tbc). This is something we had had clues to in previous talks by Prof. John Shepherd and David Keith in their lectures in 2013, so we were already considering this as a major factor in the Climate Engineering agenda, but we were quite shocked at how blatantly and immediately the topic was emphasised. We think this is extremely important and we will expand on this further into the write-up.

Tuesday the lectures started with a hard choice to made even from the off.

Use the following link to see the full list of lectures for:

Tuesday        Wednesday        Thursday

Sadly we re not allowed to film most of the events, but we did record either audio on most of the ones we could not film We are hoping to post those recordings very soon. Sadly one of our SD cards was taken by Harry Rhodes, who has still refused to return it or supply the contents, so some of the recordings will not be available.

Most interesting sessions

Obviously all of the sessions were interesting, and we learned a huge amount about everything from the politics, to the different organisations involved and their relationships, to the funding of the movement, to the politics of the situation as a whole. There were however several session that really stood out for us and were incredibly useful to us, when you consider our take on the situation.

Climate emergency

write up coming soon hopefully.


write up coming soon hopefully.