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And another: EgyptAir A320 disappears

And another: EgyptAir A320 disappears

By on May 19, 2016 in blog | 0 comments

It is with great sadness and utter dismay that we report yet another A320 has gone down as predicted. Sadness of course for the passengers, but dismay at the fact that still nobody seems to be questioning publicly why so many A320s are crashing in mysterious circumstances. Of course the immediate claims of terrorism are being trotted off as authorities panic, wondering what on earth they are going to say this time to an increasingly alarmed public following the latest in what is likely to be a mid-air explosion caused by pressurised Climate Engineering systems on board the A320.

We will expand on this as the conflicting stories, unfounded assertions and blatant lies begin to appear in the world’s press.

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