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An Interesting Analogy

An Interesting Analogy

By on Feb 6, 2015 in blog | 0 comments

Some people have said that we need to prove that climate engineering is dangerous before people will take us seriously and act. In response to that we say – if your milk started being delivered with a green tinge, and got progressively greener each day, would you insist your neighbour, who pointed it out to you, prove it was dangerous before you stopped drinking it ? We think not, and suspect you would be on the phone to the dairy immediately demanding to know WTF.

Well, this issue represents a very similar situation, just a lot bigger and a lot more serious. You can cancel your green milk from the dairy, but you don’t have a choice about which air you breathe.

Our skies never used to be filled with haze and spreading lines from aircraft and yet they are every day now.

Chemtrails-A World Wide Ban

If you can’t see what is going on you need to go to




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