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IASS announces CE17 conference dates

IASS announces CE17 conference dates

By on Nov 16, 2016 in blog |

In 2014 the world’s climate scientists convened in Berlin for the first global discussion on Climate Engineering. We were there but did not record or publish anything significant from that event. In 2015 we attended the Climate Engineering Research Symposium, also in Berlin, and produced this documentary.

Next October the 2nd global Climate Engineering Conference will be held in Potsdam once again, from 9th-12th October 2017. We will be there with a full production crew this time to repeat the success of our first documentary. is the only organisation documenting these events from a sceptical standpoint. We have gained respect in the CE community for our work and professional stance, and so we hope to expand on our efforts to date by documenting this event and the global move towards engineering our climate.

Read about the event here.