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On February 27th we published the following article. We predicted terrible smogs coming to the UK, similar to those seen in China. Sure enough later in the spring of 2014 we started to see them. We felt that the ubiquitous smogs in China were nothing to do with industry, and were, in fact, the result of their massive, and officially acknowledged, weather modification programs.


Are Smogs In Beijing a sign of things to come in the UK ?

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Is the focus on China’s ‘smog’ merely more conditioning to the impending fibrous smog we are to expect here in Europe. The authorities, and even certain members of the chemtrail movement such as David Lim, are trying to convince people who persistent trails are chemtrails and shorter trails are contrails, whereas we all know, or should by now, that they are ALL chemtrails. The shorter ones are fibres. So is China a sign of things to come? We know they are chemtrailing out there as we have caught countless Chinese planes landing on the Gulf of Guinea picking up the chemicals used in this program. We also know that the media is a tool of conditioning, and focuses our attention on things they are doing, or plan to do, in order to gain our acceptance. Slowly, slowly, fooly sheepies. It’s not hard really, seeing as we are all busy, stressed, confused and anxious. With enough gentle encouragement we will accept almost anything right now.

If you can’t see between the lines, just let us do it for you. We have special glasses you know. We went to ! – As always, exposing the world above


September 2014 – more smog in the UK – what is causing them ?

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