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Climate Engineering Dossier

Download Version 1 of the UK Climate Engineering Dossier:

UK Climate Engineering Dossier Version 1

Published 27.09.2014. Updated to v1.1 28.09.2014


About this document

The above link is to download version 1.1

This is the version delivered to Downing Street, but with a few typos amended. Any correction of spelling, formatting and grammatical errors will result in an increment of the current version number such as 1.1 and 1.2 etc. Any significant change to the content will result in a new version being produced.

Each subsequent version will be published along with the date and time. All versions will be made available for inspection.

Each version of the document sent out by post will be clearly labelled with the version number and date of delivery.

We ask all recipients of the printed document to inspect the latest version available on this page at regular intervals so as to ensure everybody is in receipt the same and most recent information.



Version 1

We handed in 2 copies of Version 1 of the UK Climate Engineering Dossier in person to the warden at No. 10. After on calendar month we telephoned them to ask why we had not received a response. The communications department claim not to have received the documents. Lets consider that they were both 68 page, A4, bound documents weighing in at several kilos and so not easy to lose, however they seem to have conveniently managed to disappear both copies.

We asked the head of the communications department if this was a regular occurrence for them to lose multiple copies of large important documents that had been handed in in person. Her response “No of course not”.

We think that sums this issue up entirely. Our government are completely incapable of responding to inquiries about this subject, especially such detailed evidence presented to them officially because they know full well what is going on, and cannot be seen to lie or mislead in case they are soon forced to admit to their existence, so they prefer simply to ignore.

We are undeterred by this obvious avoidance. Once we have handed the document in several times it will be very hard for Downing Street to claim they have not seen it without being seen as completely incompetent or dishonest, which in itself will be useful. On the back of that we will have, hopefully, enough of a case to prove that our leaders failed to act to protect its people against what amounts to no less than a crime against humanity, or possibly, depending on scientific results, an act of genocide. Strong words indeed, but all but the most obtuse will find it hard to come to any other conclusion if they read and understand the contents of this document and website as a whole.

We will advise as soon as Version 2 has been delivered.


Version 2

Version 2 is nearly ready. We have been trying to get legal help with preparing it so as to make it more effective, but it seems the legal profession is too scared to tackle this issue at the moment. It also seems that almost every firm with any aviation experience at all seems to quote a conflict of interest, so we are looking at other ways to tackle this tricky situation. Rest assured we are not giving up and will pursue Mr Cameron relentlessly until he is forced to respond publicly.

Despite the forthcoming election, we are confident that the conservatives will win and he will continue as Premier. We know this from clues in the press. The landscape is being drawn specifically for this to be the case. In the wonderfully unlikely even this is not the case, we will, of course, be delighted to welcome our new premier into office with his/her own copy of the document for their perusal.



Public contributions

This document is open to contributions by member of the public, or indeed anyone in the UK, irrespective of who they are. Please feel free to inspect and contact us with any contributions or suggested amendments.

We will evaluate all contributions and respond with our decision as to whether to include you information or act on your suggested amendments. Though we welcome suggestions and contributions we offer no guarantees as to whether content will be approved or acted on, and our decision is final. Rest assured though that anything liable to help will, of course, be seriously considered. The point of this exercise is to gather as much credible evidence as possible and present it in a formal document so as to put maximum pressure on our government to act.

We look forward to your suggestions.