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This is what the weather forecast would be like if those presenting it were allowed to be honest.

BBC weather

Well it’s another typical summer day across the UK today as aviation traffic is mysteriously high once again despite the Global Climate Circus in Paris bleating about CO2. We’ve seen huge numbers of transient flights passing over England and Wales creating cloud cover again this year when they could just use the English Channel. Interesting that the COP21 agreement removed aviation from the deal at the 11th hour, but anyway… moving swiftly on to tomorrow’s weather. Starting off very hazy in the North West with persistent trails spreading from the first wave of transatlantic flights coming in at dawn and flying directly over Liverpool, Manchester and the Midlands and down the M1 corridor. Quite why the CAA insists on routing all transient aviation over populated areas is still not clear. Brighter in the East Midlands until mid-morning when the aviation trails from Northern and Central European traffic will become very dense blocking pretty much all of the sunshine from around 11am until late evening. The North will be total white-out from dawn due to very heavy trailing persisting from today’s spraying, topped up by quite heavy transient air traffic from Canada as the day goes on. In South Wales and the South-West its the usual story – clear blue dawn, slowly becoming hazy and eventually grey towards lunchtime as the flights from the Americas are deliberately routed along the south coast instead of using the English Channel. The South and South-East starting off bright but turning quite hazy and smoggy again later in the day as flights from Western Europe to the Midlands and the North increase, combined with more transient flights to North America and Canada that have been deliberately routed out of their way to pass over English cities. More of the black trails tomorrow from flights leaving Amsterdam Schippol creating quite a choking smog in Kent and East Anglia, so another health warming in place in those areas.
Once again another would-be sunny day completely ruined by aviation emissions, but that’s OK apparently because our sponsor – One World Alliance – says it’s normal and has always been like this. As always keep looking at your phones and TV and ignore the sky. Who needs sunshine anyway.

Enjoy your grey.    Good night.

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