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An interesting paper, yet to be published, claims that aviation is producing a reflective haze that is affecting the climate. The paper is titled Accidental Geoengineering (The term used in the US for Climate Engineering).


Long suggests that a high-altitude “ice haze,” created by water and other emissions from aircraft, is responsible. “I’m talking about a sub-visual contrail-generated haze of ice, which we do not classify as a cloud but gives blue sky more of a whitish tint.”

Climate Engineering proponents have long described the effects of Climate Engineering as producing exactly the same effect. So are we seriously to believe that aviation is accidentally creating what Climate Engineers are planning to create but haven’t yet, or can we assume this is already happening covertly and they just have not officially admitted it yet?

cirrus haze

It will be interesting to know the conclusions of the paper when it is finally published.

Read the article from the NOAA website here.


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