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The MET Office

“Slowly but surely we are revealing the inconsistencies, contradictions and outright lies that lay bare the extent of the collusion and subterfuge by various organisations including the MET Office.”


The backlash has begun.




Disquiet is swelling even among those in the organisations involved in the propagation of the Global Warming Hoax.

John Snow drops a live bombshell in an interview is January 2014. He speaks up about the “strange patterns going on in the upper atmosphere” that people are noticing. This is very important and an extremely brave move by Mr. Snow. It could represent the opening of the sluice gate, so that others may join the cries of disapproval.

Many people are nervous about speaking up about this topic. The establishment’s attempts to brand chemtrails as tin-foil-hat, conspiracy nonsense has been effective to some extent and plays very heavily on human nature not to stand out or leave ourselves vulnerable to criticism or ridicule. Gut instinct and pack mentality, however, take over at a certain point and when people feel they have enough moral and intellectual support from those around them, the braver ones will speak out. At last this is now happening and we suspect this will be the first of many such examples.


Another examples of this is the recent claim by weatherman Paul Hudson that the MET Office is cooking the books so to speak. His claim that their (suggested) deliberate bias to warming in their annual forecasts has been consistently wrong for 13 of the last 14 years is yet another shot across the bows from the BBC inner circle. This fits in perfectly with Look-Up’s claims that Global Warming is a complete HOAX propagated by the MET and other supposedly scientific organisation such as the Royal Society. The NIPCC (Non-governmental Panel On Climate Change) is a truly scientific body set up specifically to counter the fallacies propagated by the IPCC, and consists of dozens of independent climate scientists. The data they present suggests, or even proves, that there has not only been no warming AT ALL for the last 20 years or so, but that virtually all of the ‘media and establishment climate scaremongering‘ is completely unfounded, and basically part of an elaborate establishment subterfuge to try and convince the poor and gullible public that the world faces a future of extreme climate chaos. The reasons they are doing this are complex and we wont go into them here, suffice to say that it is basically, as usual with all things political, about control and money. Yes indeed; what a surprise I hear you exclaim. It should come as no surprise to the more astute that our weather and climate have also now fallen victim to the ravages of the Poli-Comm Mafia. Controlling and predicting the weather is seriously big business, and though terribly sad, it is completely realistic to conclude that the tentacles of corporate corruption could have infected, not just our parliament, but our national scientific institutions as well. What is surprising though, is the utter complicity of what we would have descried as notable scientific figures such as Professor John Shepard, Professor Keith Shine and others of their ilk, who maintain the highest standing in our eyes as eminent scientists, but who have obviously been totally overcome by either greed, political pressure, or perhaps coerced, into agreeing to wholeheartedly promoting what is fast becoming a very hot potato. The Global Warning HOAX is dead. Floating around in starting to rot in the oceans that are no warmer than they were 20 years ago.

Look-Up attended a lecture held by the Royal Society in November 2013. On entering the building there was no reason to doubt that global warming was real. 8 hours later and a very different picture had been painted in our minds. We deal with this elsewhere on the site, suffice to say that was the day we realised that chemtrails and the Global Warming Hoax were inextricably linked.

Even funnier, if we may be so bold as to make light of such a serious issue for a moment, is the attempt by the establishment to re-brand Global Warming as Climate Change. This is a rather transparent move to try and keep the rotting carcass alive, while dispelling any reference to warming. Having probably all sat down in the board rooms at Carlton House Terrace, the Poli-Comm Mafia, together with their not so scientific advisors have decided to drop the warming bit and just focus on the dramatic title of Climate Change. Look-Up would be interested to know, however, if the world is indeed not warming, and by all accounts is actually cooling slightly, how and why we are, and will apparently continue to, experience climate chaos, as the complicit press like to refer to it as often as they can. What exactly is changing and how exactly is it causing chaos? There seem to be no viable answers to those questions strangely unless…

… of course, as those who have read up a little on the subject of chemtrail will no doubt be aware, we accept the presence and effects of existing Geoengineering programs, also refereed to as chemtrails. Hundreds of planes flying over our beautiful land spraying chemicals into the atmosphere that creates clouds, fake clouds, that create haze, and rain and, and subsequent floods, and  force us to endure endless months of grey skies and dismal weather. That is how. It is time we all spoke up and put an end to this regime of control and manipulation, abuse of power and outright assault on our environment, our world and our person.

This is unacceptable.




When we look at the opening paragraph of the MET Office’s own About Us page

“The Met Office is the UK’s National Weather Service.

We have a long history of weather forecasting and have been working in the area of climate change for more than two decades.”

The above information is interesting. When we consider the fact that the Global Warming Hoax is now pretty much in tatters, we start to realise that the hallowed organisation that we have trusted and cherished for so long, may actually have an agenda. The MET Office seems to be a place that is more about controlling and manipulating weather information that supports a government edict than presenting neutral scientific data to the public. Why is there a sign outside the building stating that the area is covered by the Official Secrets Act? Look-Up went to pay the MET Office a visit and we established very quickly that rather than being an open organisation that was both acting in the public interest and welcoming public interest, it seems to be a place shrouded in secrecy, and highly protective of itself. Our presence was extremely unwelcome despite our very polite and well mannered attempts to speak to people about our thoughts on the state of the skies.

Further we established that the sign referring to the Official Secrets Act was complete and utter nonsense. The Official Secrets Act is, generally speaking, designed to protect information made privy to members of organisations, so as to prevent them from being able to release that information. In layman’s terms that means they don’t want US to know what THEY know, because it will tell US what THEY are up to… which is, more often than not, something that is bad for US and being done by THEM. But we digress again. The sign has obviously been placed there to try and mislead people, member of the public, into believing they might be contravening the Official Secrets Act. Look-Up had no such delusions, and we confidently challenged this ridiculous sign, firstly to the security guards despatched to prevent us leafleting there, and then to the police who were called to try and remove us from the area. After and very polite but protracted conversation we succeeded in convincing all parties that we were not in fact, breaching any laws, by-laws, acts of parliament or trespassing in any way, and so we were allowed, somewhat reluctantly to continue about our business of making those who work for the MET Office aware of the shenanigans that their employer were up to.



Further Reading:

For the REAL scientific data on global climate science see the NIPCC website. The IPCC is no more scientific than the BBC and is essentially a political organisation set up by the UN to propagate the politically motivated policy of Global Warming.

Global Warming Hoax is another interesting, though not an official scientific website, that has a wealth of very useful information.




The following links are to a series of discussions held by the MET Office on important topics. When one accepts the involvement in the establishment global warming hoax, and subsequent covert Geoengineering program subterfuge, these, and many other documents, make interesting reading. It is like akin to being given a set of x-ray specs that reveal things we were previously blind to. Suddenly an exceptionally elaborate, but actually quite ill-conceived, picture of deception emerges.

The Royal Society