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Globalism explained – in part.

Updated July 2023

This article digresses slightly from the main theme of the website and delves more into the whole Agenda 21 /Agenda 2030 topic, who is running the world and hence doing this to us. I generally try and avoid straying into this area as this site is dedicated to Climate Engineering, but I decided to publish it because it highlights the complexity of the efforts of the Globalists to poison us. We refrain from using the word elites as many do because that infers some form of higher intelligence or exclusivity. The fact that these people feel they need to cleanse the world, rather than solve the worlds problems, is an indication of a well-known mental disorder often associated with powerful people – psychopathy and it’s related conditions Sociopathy and Narcissism. The misconception of overpopulation is a common thread that has appeared throughout history as a common feature of sociopathic rulers. Many culls have occurred throughout history such as the Holodomor and

but the one we are experiencing now is many orders of magnitude greater and really does risk the entire spectre of life on earth as we know it. We shall avoid getting deeply into the conspiracy of the Club of Rome et al, and focus rather on what is actually happening.

What are the GSN up to?

So rather than being elite they are actually quite obtuse and childish… revelling in paranoid delusions, occultism, and other activities and thought processes generally associated with those of lower intelligence and those with disturbed minds. Wealth or power does not, and never has, guaranteed intelligence. If these people really were elite they would sit down and work this out, so we all end up in a wonderful and fair society. It really is quite achievable, but that would too simple and not involve and kind of intrigue, excitement, wrong doing, covertness, elitism (as they feel it) or give them anything to feed their sociopathic tendencies towards secrecy, manipulation and doing harm to others. Those paranoid delusions that the earth will fail unless they cleanse it from the billions of people that are ruining it… for them, are what is at the heart of this issue. So that is a very simplistic explanation as to how we have ended up here. It has become apparent to many that they have embarked on a course of global depopulation that is well underway and has been for a long time, and chemtrails re just one aspect of that program. If we, as a society, were to agree that depopulation were actually needed, and I do sympathise somewhat with that philosophy, then it would be relatively easy to implement. The reason is is not being done publicly is, however, very simple; it would need to be universally applied, and of course that means the super-rish would be included. There is no way society would sanction birth-rate restriction for the masses and not those belonging to and connected to the GSN.