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The Endgame

This article is being slowly updated but has not been published yet




Throughout history, following most revolutions the old order generally get beheaded, or face some equally gruesome fate, once the masses, generally speaking the proles, manage to overrun the palaces and remove those who they perceived s being corrupt leaders or oppressors from office. This is still the way and indeed even in recent years the leaders that have been ousted by the western media named ‘Arab Spring’ by the CIA-endorsed rebels, so that the old CIA allies can be murdered, blamed for everything, and then replaced with other CIA sponsored rebels, which in 2015 seems to be IS. If we look at the gradual destabilising of all of the remaining independent nations we see a repeating pattern. The CIA, under the banner of decent western democracy, stand by and watch with interest as (their own secret services make) countries rebel against their old order, and demand democracy. The western media and governments, which amounts to the same thing basically, all pretend to stand by and allow nature to take it’s course, claiming it is not right to interfere, but knowing full eel the outcome will be, once again, a power vacuum, both internally and generally for the region. Iraq was the first of these. Fortunately many have not forgotten, and are repeatedly calling for Tory Bliar to face charges for war crimes, which is very encouraging, but we digress. Since then we have seen Lybia, Egypt and now Syria undergoing exactly the same process. The terminology, reporting, hysteria, and fear mongering is identical in every case; the outcome so predictable. Islamic insurgents are a constant threat to the new democratic way of life that the victim state so desperately wanted and whose people risked their lives to achieve. If one were to be truly, deeply conspiratorial, it would not be too far fetched to imagine the previous despotic leaders of those nations being fully encouraged into despotism by western money, influence, blind eyes to corruption, sexual scandal, slavery and general evil. Could this all have been planned a long time ago one might wonder. In fact when we look at the situation in the UK one could easily draw parallels with the explosion of pedophile cases being dragged relentlessly through the media at the moment. How it is possible that so many prominent people int he music business and political life were literally allowed, and possibly even encouraged, to molest children for so long, without a single word getting into the press. Probably for the same reasons that so many sad, despotic leaders were allowed to do the same in their own countries. Now the press is full of daily stories of a new pedophile case on an almost daily basis. It is inconceivable that so much of this was happening and nobody new. It is also inconceivable that the people that supposedly didn’t know for so long, are now so concerned and prepared to out all these pathetic victims, and we refer to the perpetrators not the true victims, for they too seem to be victims, victims of a state plan to destabilise our own society in the same way they have done to assorted Arab regimes. Endless riches and promises of immunity and friendship with the UK proved to hard to resist for these weak and foolish men. What worries us more though is the rapid destabilisation of our own society. Our cherished way of life is being fractured before our very eyes, and in so many ways, and it is truly bewildering that we cannot see or sense it.

It is hard to understand these things unless we have a context in which to place them, so as to make them make sense. Why would certain powers encourage members of high-society to abuse children so brazenly and over such a long timespan. We see a worrying trend all in the media towards a near acceptance of this behaviour. Only recently (October 2014) the chief prosecutor of the CPS was quoted as saying “the sheer numbers of people being caught downloading child pornography online was making it impossible to deal with them in the normal way and the legal system was being swamped. So much so that many would simply not be prosecuted.” Even more worrying though, he went not to say “we have to try and think of another way to tackle this problem”. Now here we reach a possible junction in the thought process. This could be con trued in 2 ways:

1. the problem is being created so as to facilitate the solution. This would be classic Bilderberg modus operandi. The solution therefore, will be something that appears to cure the perceived and fabricated problem, but which in fact allows them to do something we would otherwise not agree to. In this instance it is ISP filtering. This has been a goal of the UK/US governments, Bilderberg, the Poli-Comm Mafia, collectively known as the NWO (New World Order) for some time. Fortunately for us we hold dear the idea of freedom of speech and will not give up out free internet easily, so the reason for doing so would have to be very serious indeed. Putting our children in danger from sexual predators is very serious, and fits the bill perfectly. Again we see almost daily stories of children being groomed, abducted and generally put in danger by nasty old men who lurk in the virtual shadows waiting to pounce on our poor children. Now we are not suggesting these men do not exists, but what we are saying is that their numbers, intentions and the threat they pose seem to be being vastly exaggerated… a bit like IS funnily enough. So yes back to terrorism, well there are many people out there who now accept that IS is sponsored by the CIA. One refreshingly enlightened cabby was heard on LBC in early January stating exactly this and trying to possibly suggest what we are, before he was rudely cut off and mocked by the obese, overpaid presenter who shall remain nameless. “Conspiracy theorist” they yell, as though it were the highest form of insult, trying to encourage others to mock them equally vociferously so as to silence them. This tactic seems, luckily, to be wearing slightly thin, at least among the more astute in society.

Why on earth would the CIA sponsor IS we hear you ask. Well for the same reason they are dong everything else they are doing, to remove freedoms, restrict freedom of speech, restrict freedom of movement and to generally allow the clampdown on democracy everywhere. And how does that work. Well in a very similar way that everything else they works. The NWO use the same trick time and time again. Create the problem – provide the solution – the solution does what they wanted but were not allowed to do, or on occasions completely the opposite of the needed solution, or even seems to cure the problem but is harmful.

If the NWO take-over is very gradual then they might, just might just get away with it. In the same way as when you boil a frog, if the change of conditions is slow enough then people don’t notice until it is too late. Had it not been for the grass-roots campaign that has been swelling for the last few years and the increasing numbers of newcomers then things would have moved beautifully closer and closer to a police State, even here in the UK, and then suddenly before our very eyes we would have been presented with the New Reality. No power to the people anymore, just power to the Poli-Comm (political-commercial) Mafia, aka the NWO. This is the world of money, power, indulgence, depravity and psychopathy that has been evolving for eons, but which has always had to watch how it trod for fear of… well, revolution of course. So why has the situation changed and why suddenly is this crunch time. The answer is simple. Technology. Military, IT, Surveillance, Media and even psychological technology, a term we have coined.


get back to technology

I wont go too deeply into these areas here as it serves no purpose, suffice to say that ‘they’ (the people who have harnessed all this technology along with 90% of the world’s wealth) are now able to control and manipulate us in ways we could not even imagine possible just a few decades ago. Every second of our waking lives, and even sleeping lives if some rumours about HAARP and wireless systems are to be believed (we do not subscribe to these theories), is influenced in some way by those controlling our society. Returning to psychological technology, possibly an incorrect term but a very important part of the jigsaw… we are being ‘told’ to ignore all the sinister aspects of the other types of technology, so as to mask the creeping threat. We are being reassured that everything is fine and we really shouldn’t worry ourselves about what we see and hear. Much better to worry about our taxes, the immigrants, the war here and the war there, and the fact our bills are going up every week.

Our printed media especially is basically an indoctrination comic, bursting with both misleading information, articles designed to ‘nudge’ us closer and closer to the particular mind-set. Articles to try to convince us of all the things they want us to believe, such as extreme weather, global warming (now re-branded as climate change due to the incontrovertible evidence tat the world has not warmed for 20 years), the fact that everybody is becoming obese, that salt is bad for us, that alcohol is bad for us etc.. the list goes on. Newspapers also contain articles to try to explain away all the strange things we now see and experience that are the result of the chemtrails program such as hazy skies, streaks coming from aircraft, web drenched lawns, strange clouds, poisonous spiders in the UK, ‘irritable throat syndrome’, unexplained aches and pains again the list goes on and on. We deal with more in another article coming soon that focuses on the media’s complicity in this program.

So returning the point of the article, in view of the rising tide of awareness of the status quo, and with general public suspicions of government and beyond rising, more and more people are waking up to the fact that all is not as it should be, then reading up on one part, which inevitably leads to another part, and in many cases then suddenly all joins together to form a fuzzy but very distinct image of the beast that confronts us. If things continue at this pace then ‘they’ need to either speed things up dramatically, or they have another plan. If the gradual take-over is not the endgame then what is? Surely it cannot be a drastic single-moment take over of the entire population of the planet can it? That would be ambitious to say the least. Add to this the clues that we see in our children’s films and books. Global warming is taught as science, trails from aircraft are in all new children’s films, games and cartoons and one would conclude that this is a gradual, long-term plan. So if that is the case then what we are seeing now is increasingly desperate attempts by the secret services (via shills on forums) and the complicit media to not only explain away all the strange things we are seeing around us. The big question is whether this has all been planned for and they know exactly what is likely to happen and are reacting, according to plan, or whether we have suddenly stumbled upon their plan and are speaking up about it, and they hadn’t planned for this to happen, or at least not quite yet. We could re-word that question another way by saying – have Bilderberg really planned this properly and know exactly what they are doing, or have they done what most sociopathic regimes do and assume their lunacy will succeed and just gone for it without really planning things properly? My gut feeling is that where we are now is a combination of both.

It is well documented in history that psychopathic leaders often end up in power, and that their downfall is invariably a false belief in their power, and/or an underestimation of the power of the people they try to control to stop them. Hitler was a great examples of this and I have occassionally described this scenario as The Second Holocaust. I came to this conclusion for the simple reason that we feel that this is history repeating itself. I have no idea if those that were involved in the first one have passed on their lineage to the new perpetrators as we don’t go that deep here, but we refer more to the fact that they have become arrogant. So much so that they have failed, once again, to gauge public perception, public power to wake up and to rise up. They are revealing errors and inconsistencies. They have relied upon compartmentalisation to mask the systems put in place to enable to illusion to function. They have attempted intimidation and ridicule to dampen any sign of those who question what they see. They have relied heavily on apathy and their carefully planned state of national tiredness and distraction to ensure we don’t notice what they are up to. They are basically trying every trick in the book this time, and that is where technology comes in. Apart from the above they are also spraying the air with heavy metals which weaken our minds, and our bodies. The are spraying fibres which collect in our throats and seem to be interacting with our metabolism in some way. They are using mind control on TV via Neuro-linguistic Programming. They are basically telling us everything is fine and we really shouldn’t worry, while trying to destroy our minds, memories and powers of reasoning and attention.

Though effective, more and more people are now turning away from mainstream media, not consciously to avoid any of this, but for other reasons, some related and some not. As a result, and with the rise of Facebook and YouTube as tools for dissemination of truth information rather than just making friends, something which the authorities may not have bargained on in the early days, there seems to be increasing momentum in the anti-state control movement. Crucially though, this mind-set is no longer limited to sections of society that it was once synonymous with, and has spread rapidly into the middle classes, academia and to almost every other corner of society. The cat is well and truly out of the bag. The sheep are still being gently herded into the pen but more of them are bolting (what a fabulous melange of metaphors haha). The shepherds seem worried. I suspect this years Bilderberg meeting was a crisis meeting, and one which had to think of new ideas very fast. People who would never have bothered investigating anything previously now find themselves glued to Google for hours on end uncovering all sorts of weird and wonderful information, exposing scandal after scandal, sharing information on Facebook, and generally making a nuisance of themselves to the establishment. We are proud to include ourselves in this description.

With the growing tide of awareness those who are being exposed face either the option of jumping ship now and hoping they can blag their way to safety, much the same as the first holocaust deserters, or hold fast and hope to god the psychopaths pull this thing off and that they arrive in the promised land they have been sold. There are likely a number of very nervous people walking the corridors of power right now as the grand plan starts to really unfold, but also as the illusion it is founded on starts to crumble. Last year’s Bilderberg meeting (2013) probably addressed some of this issues, but have they covered all bases? Probably not, when you look at all the errors they have already made. Look-Up know pretty much the entire game now, and people are waking up in their thousands.

So they must have planned for this surely? Well, when we look at the sociopathic public figures chosen to lead us into oblivion, are we to assume that those behind the plan are also as careless and stupid: probably not. I think it wise to assume that Bilderberg is an extraordinarily well-coordinated and well-managed event and that every possible detail of what might occur has been discussed, but that is not to say it is infallible. Oh no, not at all. Even if what we are experiencing now has all been planned and we are simply following, floating aimlessly down the river, we can still pull this back in our favour. The most important thing to remember is that billions of people, even if we are sick, are more powerful than billions of pounds. If we are to take this to the absolute extreme then things get really seriously messy, and people will end up starving and shooting each other for food and supplies, but if we can organise ourselves outside of their systems and boundaries then we may stand some chance of surviving even the most extreme scenarios.

Alternatives to the controlled systems pose a serious threat to ‘the plan’ which is why the establishment is hell-bent on destroying or undermining any alternative. To form a new currency in the traditional sense would be next to impossible, but the rise of the Bitcoin provides people with a realistic alternative to the globally controlled banks and monetary systems that will be used to strangle us at the last post. The Bitcoin surged in late 2013 but has suffered a couple of serious setbacks recently. China cracked down on the Bitcoin which made investors nervous, and more recently the people behind Bitcoin have been embroiled in allegations of corruption. Knowing what we know about the way the establishment operates, it is completely realistic to assume that now that the Bitcoin is becoming a truly functioning alternative the central banking systems, that ‘they’ are trying to destroy it in any way they can.

China and the Bitcoin 

Back to the plan…

Its is certainly true that ‘they’ have been mobilising new laws, regulations and changes to the way we live and operate for the last few decades to push us towards a scenario where we are unable to react and survive, and hence have no choice but to accept their authority or perish. Everything from legal aid, the national health, privatisation, digitisation of TV and Radio, smart phones, passwords, credit cards, ID cards, RF chips, anti-terror laws and even pornography… they are all marching slowly but very surely to a singularity of power. A focus of control. There will be no escape. Even now it is almost impossible to do ANTHING at all anonymously. One has to go to extreme lengths to hide one’s identity or cover one’s tracks. This has all been planned. Let us assume for one moment that the establishment is both Chicken Licken and the Fox, and we are every other character in between. Chicken Licken runs around telling us the sky is falling in (the complicit media basically) and Foxy Loxy is waiting there to lead us all to ‘safety’… except, well you know the ending. Despite this rather pessimistic scenario, we still have power. We can collectively turn round at any moment and run from Foxy Loxy. We have ourselves and each other, and despite their best efforts to convince us otherwise we are very powerful if we cooperate. They know that, which is why they go to extreme lengths to prevent us from doing so. I have never been one for slogans but ‘Divide and Conquer’ is very applicable in this context. One of the major trends in the complicit printed press is societal division. Class, race, religion and immigration. Relentless pieces about the abuse of power and privilege, the abuse of the benefits system, the imagined flood of immigrants etc… all designed to get one group to despise and resent the other. If we all hate each other, there is much less chance we will unite against anything. Not until it is nearly too late anyway.

So lets look more closely at the flaws in the plan.

Control can only take 4 forms. Psychological, financial, physical or by denial of infrastructure. Our best hope for the first one is already happening. We are shunning the increasingly obvious attempts to control our minds. The second is much trickier, but the Bitcoin offers hope, as does an organised system of barter which could be realised reasonably easily. The last one is a tough one as it requires a monumental change of national state of mind that would involve removing power by allying the army and police to the people rather than the state or the crown. This is huge and I am very out of my depth even talking about this but in extreme circumstances it is possible and totally effective. Of course they will try everything to disrupt this and cause riot, revolt, anarchy etc etc, but if we calmly take back our forces then they are completely powerless. More on this in future articles. So the last one. This is perhaps the spanner in the works. Fuel is the most difficult of these things to take control of for obvious reasons, and the one that will most likely lead to anarchy and disorder. Fuel underpins everything we rely on including food. If that occurs then it will be very hard to come back from it as those desperate to survive become increasingly violent and willing to kill in order to keep control of the resources. The same if true of other such things which I wont go on about here.


So… a bleak picture perhaps, but probably unavoidable unless we act now. We suspect there is sufficient democracy remaining, and that our legal systems are still intact enough to turn things around peacefully, but we don’t have long. Cracks are already appearing. We only have to look at the Jimmy Saville case to realise this. What? I hear some ask… how can that possibly be connected to this article. Well for those advanced in conspiracy reality, you will understand that Mr Saville was a fixer, like a Fagin character to the Elite, but instead of sending the boys and girls out to steal, they went to parties at Dolphin Square amongst other places. He was essentially a supplier of boys and girls to the privileged. There has been for many years an intricate system of silence in place to protect those in the know, and facilitate those with the money to breach laws and common principles of decency. That system is starting to crumble, but rest assured it is no coincidence that none of this came into the open until he died. If it had, Mr Saville may well have incriminated people at the very highest levels, and we mean the very top. Heads ere now starting to roll though, so the point is that no system, however elaborate or however well-funded and protected, is infallible or impenetrable. There will always be those who will betray those who do wrong for whatever reason.

Returning to chemtrails, we see a very similar system in place to that of the Elite paedophile network. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people know they are involved in something that is wrong. Very soon we are likely to see the first real whistle blowers in the chemtrail issue. Pilots who simply can’t do this anymore, engineers who have realise that the systems they have been working on and told are for useful and essential Geoengineering, are actually destroying the skies and the air we breath. Who knows who they will be, or what information they will come forward with, but they will be our heroes and we must gather round them and protect them.

We feel this situation is rapidly approaching crunch time. Ultimately even tired and distracted people eventually realise that the sky is full of crap and things are not as they should be. The term critical mass is very applicable at this point. Apparently (we heard) studies show that it only takes 10% of a population to feel strongly about something for that something to then reach 90% very quickly, so we can assume that 10% would normally be the critical mass for such an issue to then ‘explode into the public consciousness. Sadly, despite our vociferous optimism, this subject is a very unique exception. The reasons are complex and we deal with them more fully elsewhere, but essentially we are up against every trick in the establishment book here. They are using disinformation, the fear of ridicule, the power of the complicit media to persuade people that this simply does not exists, that those that propagate this are mad, and those who believe them are stupid. Only certain types of people are able to 1- see through this charade immediately, and 2- go forth with no fear of ridicule and slap people in the face (metaphorically of course) with the reality of what is happening. You may have guessed that this forum is run by one of those people. Everybody else seems to go through a very strange process of gradual and contradictory acceptance which involves many stages characterised mainly by large amounts of cognitive dissonance and utter confusion. Read our article Coping With The Knowledge for more on that process.

It is a race against time. Quite how long we have is a tricky one to answer really. It depends how much they accelerate the program, and how well people manage to keep themselves healthy enough to mount effective opposition, as that will be the key to winning. If we are mostly suffering from lethargy and dementia then we are unlikely to be able to do much to stop this juggernaut. By the same token, the establishment are playing with a dangerous equation, and we return to the question of how clever and well planned this is. If they accelerate the program so much as to make it completely obvious to everyone exactly what is going on (which we suspect has happened), then they risk too many people waking up to fast and rebelling.

As we mentioned earlier, we are not clear as to whether this is the planned crunch time and Foxy Loxy is waiting there for us salivating, or if this crunch time is more akin to the birds having realised Foxy Loxy is not as innocent as he made out, and have made a break for it.

Only time will tell.

The Look-Up Team



If we could give 5 bits of advice though they would be this:

Sign our e-petition, as it seem the only thing that is able to challenge this officially and force our MPs to confront this situation.

Treat everything you read in the printed press as a clue as what is going on, and what they want you to think. Generally the opposite of everything you read is true or the best thing to do.

Talk to your GP about this and ask for heavy metal tests and potassium level tests, and try to get them to analyse the fibres from your throat if you have managed to expectorate them.

Eat Rock Salt and bananas, drink red wine or grape juice every day.

Become solvent.