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The conspiracy conundrum and cognitive dissonance

The information presented in our article The Perpetrators exposes the fact that this is a huge program that has been deliberately and carefully implemented over many years. The merging of the airlines has enabled planes from many airlines to be modified easily, uniformly and with as few people knowing about it as possible. Most members of the public struggle to accept the idea of chemtrails primarily because of the cognitive dissonance it causes. They cannot fathom that ‘thousands of people’ are knowingly conspiring to harm millions of other people, and that the ‘thousands of people’ actually flying the planes, loading the cargo, fitting the equipment etc, also know and are in on it. The truth is far more subtle and complex however. We suspect most of the people that have worked on these systems are not fully aware of the nature of what they are, or have been, working on. They were probably told it was either in the national interest, for the greater good as it will save us from climate destruction (see also The Power Of Persuasion), or have simply been bribed, harassed, threatened or coerced in some other way to carry it out.

The pilots who operate planes that spray do not have to be aware of what is going on as the systems are automatic. The people who load the cargo do not need to know what they are loading. The pilots that collect the cargo might know that something odd is going on, but again are probably paid a fortune to do their job without asking questions and again might not be aware of the harm caused by the end result of their actions. It is inconceivable to us, and most others, that everyone involved is a merciless, childless, greedy mercenary intent on harming others. With that in mind we must look to explain this in much more complex terms. We deal with this further in another article coming soon, and are expecting to have some testimonies from people involved over the next few moths which might shed light on how this has been achieved.

Even if we are to accept that people ae being misled, bullied or bribed or any combination of things, the fact that such a huge program could have been put in place in the first place is inconceivable to some. The fact that such a huge program is continuing in front of our very eyes is even more unacceptable. My own parents are complete incapable of accepting the full scale