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Suspicious transient routing UK

This page acts as supporting evidence to out response to the UK consultation conducted by DEFRA which ended on June 15th – Tackling Nitrogen Dioxide In Our Towns And Cities.


View the consultation document here.


The images below, which are screenshots from showing clear evidence that NATS – National Air Traffic Service – are deliberately and unnecessarily routing transient aviation out of its way to pass over as many UK cities and populated areas as possible. This makes a mockery of the goverments claim to be interested in reducing air pollution, especially when aviation is deliberately being excluded from all of the discussion, publications and supporting evidence about air pollution across the UK.


There is no justifiable reason for flights to be routed in such erratic and nonsensical routes across the UK and fly over UK populated areas. These flights are also flying unnecessarily and suspiciously low, often broadcasting false altitude information as they do so to give the impression that they are flying at normal cruising altitudes, whereas they are mostly flying between 12,000ft and 201,000ft. In doing so they will be contributing significantly to ground level pollution.

Furthermore these flights seem to be releasing substances during flight that is causing unnatural cloud cover as well as particulate emissions, CO2 and NOx.

Overall the entire situation is deeply suspicious and renders the entire consultation meaningless at best, but at worst it could reasonably be claimed that the entire situation is being fostered deliberately so as to be able to implement regulation that penalises ground transport owners and operators unfairly on the grounds they are the cause of the pollution, whereas the more likely explanation is that most of the pollution is coming from aviation. will be looking carefully at the responses of the both the London and the national consultations and taking legal action to counter the likely outcomes, which we suspect will be the introduction of charging schemes for drivers and operators of diesel vehicles.