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Stand by for about turn?

So have you ever been on a flight that does an about turn?


No of course not. There is no reason for an aircraft to turn round unless of course the pilot forgot his cap and had to go back and get it from the airport. I would imagine that pilots career would be relatively short-lived though.

Despite this glaringly obvious point we regularly see aircraft doing 180 degree turns at the coast. We were sent these images by a reader from Redcar. Trolls will of course try to claim this is stacking, but repeated passes by different aircraft, and with such a tight turning circle indicates this is nothing of the sort. Also of note is that Middlesborough, the nearest airport, only has a few arrivals each day separated by several hours in most cases so stacking is never likely to happen.

The images alone are great for showing people what is happening, but to transform them into hard evidence we need screenshots from, showing the aircraft that performed this maneuver, its flight path, altitude and declared origin and destination. When combined with this information we have solid proof that a fleet of aircraft are traveling across UK skies in repeated patterns spraying substances unknown into the atmosphere during flight.

There really is no other explanation for this behaviour.

What this also shows is that aircraft are flying in our skies with no passengers. That alone should be illegal even before we acknowledge the possibility of weather modification.

Please use your time wisely. Instead of going away for the weekend, get into the garden with a stills camera or video camera, a time-lapse camera, and a laptop and make records of what you see.

Sadly we have reached the point where the maintenance of the website and production of our forthcoming documentary is taking all our time so we are unable to keep an eye on the sky. We need your help.