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Smoking Guns

Look up discovered these pipes had been fitted to all Airbus A320 family aircraft belonging to the 3 airline alliances in September last year (2013) on one of our stake-outs at Heathrow. We invested in a Canon 6D and a Canon EF 100-400 and spent many hours at the north runway on days when planes were landing from the east, so we could get as close to the underside of the aircraft as possible from a vantage point on the perimeter road.

There was a lot of excitement among other activists when we first published these images, the first in the world it should be noted, as until then it has been assumed that additives in the fuel were the cause of the trails, but this made no sense to us, so off we trotted and it didn’t take long…

Since then we have amassed a great deal of images from planes from many airlines. All feature what we describe as a 3-pipe aerosol delivery systems. These systems are pressurised and controlled by satellite. The chemical cargo is loaded on in 3 ULDs before each flight and when the aircraft reaches a certain altitude, the system releases whatever combination of chemicals is needed to achieve the desired effect in that are at that time and under those particular atmospheric conditions. It might sound fancy but its actually very simple, and very much 20th century technology.

Here is a screenshot from a great video which captures what I believe to be one of the most revealing close-ups of the 3 pipe delivery system in operation. It was filmed over West London. It clearly shows 3 distinct trails emanating from the left engine (right side of the video). If one watches the entire film it is unmistakable evidence that this plane is releasing substances unknown into the exhaust of the engine, which is filling the air with particulates and forming haze and ‘cloud’ cover. Induced cloud one might say.

See the full video here: West London Close Ups 11.

I have just revised and simplified this page. There are other pages which delve deaper into the engineering of these systems and the denials of both the airlines and EASA as to their existence. I will try to amalgamate all these pages in time now that I am on the case again.

Ian – 2023