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Skyderalert shuts down

Sadly we received this from Skyderalert today>>>

Thank you everyone… It has been a successful effort.

Together we did it- we got the word out on GeoEngineering. Unfortunately we have to shut Skyder down. Sales and donations are just not there on a consistent or large enough basis. It’s like buying a new car… it comes with a full tank of gas, – but that runs out quickly. You have to refill it often- and you have to pay for that. Its the same as running the App and a sophisticated interactive website like its expensive to maintain.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your cooperation and support. We have changed the world and brought the climate issue to light. Over the next few weeks we will be shutting down the site and the app. But we will keep a simple landing page up at and offer the remaining DVD’s and shirts until they’re gone. Who knows? Maybe one day we will get a big corporate sponsor or angel investor and be back online.
I leave you with one parting thought: Yesterday when i saw President Obama’s tweet about the newest earth photo (IMAGE ON LEFT) being a “Beautiful Reminder” I thought- “wow that’s nice”… but on the second glance thought: “wait a minute – that doesn’t look right”. A little searching of NASA historic images clearly shows how much the sky has become clouded in just a few years from GeoEngineering… or as is stated in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) documents “Aviation Induced Cloudiness”. This side-by-side image comparison makes it obvious. And if you recall…there were airplanes, cars, and industry in the year 2000… and there were blue skies.
This photo is NOT something to celebrate. GeoEngineering is NOT “protecting the only planet we have”
Thank you again for your continued effort in shining the light on GeoEngineering.
We will offer DVD’s and shirts until they run out, there are only a few hundred left.


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