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Silent revolution

Our sister site for which we are seeking funding.


The aims of the website are:

1. to analyse, with the help of a dedicated laboratory, the constituents of everything we use in our daily lives, from food and drinks, to personal and household products, and investigate the effects these products have on our physical and mental health, but also our environment.

2. to investigate and educate people as to the structure of the industries behind these products, so we can hopefully begin to expose what is really happening. When people realise that a small number of very large corporation are behind most of the products that are shown repeatedly to be harmful, they may start to understand where their money is going, and what effect it is having on them and their families.

Put simply, if your hash dealer was poisoning your gear and you found out, aside being pretty pissed off at them, you would look for another dealer who sold good healthy gear. Well strangely this principle does not seem to apply in the word of every day commerce, and we  regularly spend our hard earned money on products made by major multinational corps that at best could be described as having little regard for us and our world, or at worst have clear intentions to harm us through their products. Sounds crazy but all the evidence that is building up seems to be pointing more and more towards this being the case.

When we give our money to these corporations we are not only harming ourselves, but also supporting what we have termed upward money flow. Essentially it means that a large percentage (most of the profit) of your money disappears into corporate black holes (hedge funds) and never trickles down to us again, so we are, over time, ruining not just our minds and bodies but our economies and society as whole. We are fed austerity, while the top end of society is literally drowning in trillion and trillions of dollars which is being siphoned upwards and kept there. That is how the gap between rich and poor is widening. It is noting to do with national politics and policies; that is all theater.

Not many people have made the connection between these things, and so most of us continue to feed the beast or pay the executioner as it were.

The idea for the name of the site came from the notion that those in power, and we refer specifically to the darker side of power, those in and above national government who seek to weaken democracy so as to create a kind of corporate lead dystopian nightmare, are only powerful as a result of us giving them our money. If we educate ourselves as to the structure of the industries behind our products and services, we can make very simple choices that can have profound effects on the world we live in. Amazon is a perfect example of the type of company we are talking about. Amazon uses a low-profit/high-growth business model, which is how they legally avoid paying any tax, but that crucial detail is never reported because they don’t want you to twig what is going on. They do this so as to enable them to expand exponentially, with the ultimate aim of becoming a monopoly. This has become apparent to most people as the Amazon beast grows and takes control of almost all publishing distribution everywhere. Free market you might say, but it is much more sinister than you might imagine. No company can operate on zero profit, else people simply would not invest in it… unless it, and its investors had an agenda. If you control the flow of information, you control knowledge itself. The past the present and the future. An extreme example you may think, but that is what we think Amazon is all about. This principle is also applicable, though in a more diluted form, in the cosmetics and household products market. Unilever and Proctor and Gamble, both complicit organisations, make just about everything most ordinary people use on a daily basis. When we then look at the products that are causing severe allergies (and that’s just the stuff we know about) we notice they are ALL the same products. We expand on this in our article Complex Equation, suffice to say we really should be noticing this by now.


The phrase ‘spending power’ is called that for a good reason. Collectively we are powerful, but collectively we have given power to others. What we don’t seem to realise is that despite their vast accumulated wealth, we can just as easily take that power away from them.


To change things we need revolution, but that revolution does not need to use violence… just knowledge and discipline.

Until we are able to create this website, please read up online and think about how you spend you money.

If we were to sum things up in a single sentence we would say this.

“Buy local food organic if possible, and use no cosmetics except the absolute essentials, and ensure those essentials are from small independent companies” and use natural ingredients. You can spend more if you buy less. Use less and have better products. Be wary though, that just because something is called Simple, Natural or Organic (cosmetics) does not mean that it is not packed with all the usual carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting  petrochemicals. Look at the ingredients, and i you are not sure investigate. After a short time you will settle on stuff you know to be real and healthy. Then you just need to tell others. Simples !

We really don’t need all that crap we buy. If we wash with water and change clothes regularly we would find we don’t need most of those products, and would not only save money, but be much healthier. I use nothing but Aveda shampoos now. Not even toothpaste, in favour of baking soda.

If we all did this, the global network of corps would start to crumble very quickly as they used their vast wealth to support their vast infrastructure, but with little or no revenue. This may sound to some like the war-cry of an anti-capitalist fruitcake, but this is coming from the mind of someone who is quite materialistic, centre right, and enjoys all the nice things in life. It is not capitalism that is the problem, or the free market etc, it is how that system has been controlled and manipulated by the few, for the benefit of the few, and at the detriment of the rest of us. Capitalism can work if it is healthy and real, and governed by people who care. The sad fact is that all the worst people, including many sociopath, have floated to the top of society, and our power structure is crippled by people of no moral standing and who are simply out to get richer and richer and ever more controlling. We wont bang on but it you get the picture. We can’t cut their heads of any more, but we can cut their funding off.

Think before you spend !