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One sided debate, and the scientific rebellion

It has become clear to many now that what we see and hear in our media is a very one-sided view designed to entice us into the official line of thinking. Some might call this indoctrination. Nothing new there then; the Catholic church has been vigorously practising this for centuries so as to control the populous, but this new form of social manipulation is far more sinister than anything that may have happened in the past. A small ‘ruling class’ of the scientific community are essentially controlling the flow of information, and actively seeking to suppress any dissent, even among their own colleagues. This is the most flagrant breach of scientific principles imaginable. Science is supposed to be about open debate and questioning evidence, not promoting one party’s views and suppressing any opposition. As more and more evidence surfaces about the extent of the collusion in the climate debate, we can safely say that the public are not being informed at all, they are being deliberately misled by a small clique of complicit scientists that seem to be working very much in the interests of a corporate agenda to foster the mindset of Climate Emergency.

This organisation has decided not to stand for the intimidation of the scientific overlords and taken it upon themselves to host their own system of recognition for outstanding work, so as to ensure that real scientists get recognition for genuine work that seeks to do what science should, discover the truth.

How sad that we have even reached this scenario. I have grown up on a diet of science, and like politics, it used to be all about honesty, openness, and facts, and even more importantly the discovery and upholding of truth. We clearly now see the erosion of any form of honesty and the introduction of a dictatorial style leadership of the scientific community, with the ostracising of anyone who dares speak the truth or contradict what the official corporate line may be.



Climate Scientists Recognized for Courage and More

The Heartland Institute is pleased to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to a series of awards given to scientists and activists in the field of climate change. The site is available at

About the Awards

Who honors the brave men and women willing to speak out against global warming alarmism? What awards do they receive when their politically correct universities and scientific societies turn their backs on them and refuse to honor their service to science?

Many scientists, economists, and policy experts have worked for decades fighting the politicization and misinterpretation of climate science. They’ve taken risks, both to their personal safety and to their professional careers, simply by speaking truth to power. Many have made courageous decisions that have cost them the promotions and rewards they might otherwise have received from their peers.

The Climate Change Awards were started as a way to recognize individuals of extraordinary ability and unflagging commitment to restoring sound science and common sense to the debate over global warming. These awards deliver long-overdue recognition and encouragement to their recipients.

 2014 Climate Change Awards

The first Climate Change Awards were presented in July 2014 to ten outstanding scientists, economist, and activists. The Award ceremonies took place at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, an event hosted by The Heartland Institute and cosponsored by some 32 other organizations. The awards were sponsored by seven organizations and each accompanied by cash stipends of up to $50,000.

Award winners were E. Calvin Beisner, Alan Carlin, Tom Harris, Sherwood Idso, Patrick Moore, Christopher Monckton, Arthur B. Robinson, S. Fred Singer, Roy Spencer, and Willie Soon.

Award sponsors were Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, Don’t Tread on My Business Foundation, Earthfree Institute, George C. Marshall Institute, The Heartland Institute, The Heritage Foundation, and Science and Environmental Policy Project.


About the New Web Site

The Climate Change Awards website, at, provides complete information about the 2014 award winners, including information from news releases, the program for the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, congratulatory remarks, acceptance speeches, information about the sponsors, and bios and contact information for award winners.

The site serves to increase public awareness of the global warming realism movement and sends a signal to the academy and other elite institutions saying if they won’t recognize these genuine heroes, then we will. It also encourages otherwise silent scientists, philanthropists, and civic and business leaders to speak up on behalf of sound science and common sense.


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