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UN releases more climate fearmongering as the world wakes up to the hoax.

Following the reassuringly high percentage of climate scepticism at the Climate Engineering Conference 2014, held in Berlin recently ( attended along with another UK campaigner Terry Lawton) it seems the UN, one of the primary proponents of the Global Warming Hoax, have stepped up the pressure. The reason is likely the increasing desperation as they realise even the scientific community is struggling to accept he increasingly shoddy, contradictory and alarmist information and propaganda put out by the IPCC, the political climate department of the UN. Like all of histories tyrants, as their reign slowly fades and confidence in their leadership declines rapidly, they are becoming increasingly authoritarian in their style, attitude and tactics to try to keep the myth of Global Warming alive.

Having had to admit some time ago that no warming had actually occurred at all over the last 17 years, they promptly ‘adjusted’ their ‘theory’ about warming. Firstly they re-branded the scam Climate Change so as to make it more ambiguous and impossible to counter, because of the complex and ever fluctuating nature of our climate, not just now but since time began. Clever spin indeed, and a move which Saatchi & Saatchi would have been proud of.  In fact this is probably not an inappropriate analogy as it seems more and more that this whole movement is exactly that; a state sponsored advertising campaign to make us accept something completely fictitious, and every trick in the advertisers handbook is being drawn on to try to fool us. fortunately as our motto states, we refer the dishonourable gentlemen to the quote by Abraham Lincoln all those years ago.

You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Secondly they have diverted attention away from the obvious lack of warming by suddenly claiming that the oceans had absorbed all the heat, and that soon they would release it with a vengeance on us causing a climate catastrophe. We were not aware the oceans were so vindictive, and  wonder if they spoke to the oceans directly and asked them about this new theory, because it seems very unlikely that an entire scientific community can not only be wrong about 17 years of no warming, but also missed the fact that the oceans were absorbing all this supposed heat. Add to this that this new theory, based on no solid evidence at all from what we heard. We attended the talk about the new ocean warming theory and asked exactly that question. What we got was a long and confusing lot of what amounts to scientific drivel that made little sense.

We have been here before. We also attended the assessment lecture of the IPCC ipcc-5th-assessment review, and were confronted with similarly vague, unsubstantiated, alarmist and very propaganda sounding speeches by assorted highly paid agreeable scientists. That was the day late last year (2013) that we suddenly realised that the whole thing was a scam. Having listened carefully for a whole day, we left with an overriding sense of unease and disbelief.

Fortunately, as we said, the CEC14 event was quite different. Apart from the fact that there were in-depth discussions, rather than just a party political broadcast by the Complicit Party, there were many sceptics present from all over the globe and from both scientific and non-scientific communities. We will make an effort to post all the recording as soon as we can, but this month is so busy we are struggling to get anything done right now sadly. Despite the sense of urgency we often feel, this stuff is so big and so important we want to prepare it correctly and post when we are happy with it rather than just bash it all out willy nilly, and without the appropriate commentary.

So back to the UN and IPCC. We suspected for some time that the figures quoted were being falsified, but having been to Berlin and met many genuine scientists, we realised this was simply unrealistic, and probably could not be achieved over time without being found out. After much pondering we did realise, however, that the figures were real, but that the CO2 was being created. We have expanded on this elsewhere, but if you are in any doubt, just watch this video.

We are slowly forcing society to wake up the excruciating truth about what is really going on behind the scenes in the corridors of power. What lies ahead though, is uncertain, and quite daunting. That said, throughout history societies and civilisations have had to confront tyranny head on and make the sacrifices necessary to defeat it and make a new start. Now is not different, except the tyranny we face is very cleverly disguised. We are faced with a monolithic power base that has only its own interests at heart, and one which has been forged over decades with greed, bribery and corruption as its fuel. This cannot last of course. They know that, and it seems are in the death throes.