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Rabbit Hole Comment

This page is dedicated to presenting articles on the advanced aspects of this subject written by the editors or contributors.

Discussion is the key to solving uncertainties in this subject. Many conversations I have had over the past year have bordered on what I might once have described as insane. Exploring ideas close to the edge, exotic theories and tenuous explanations for things we either see or hear about. This subject is huge and very complex. once one starts to dig a little deeper into it, they become aware very quickly that there are so many levels to it, all intertwined with all sorts of other weird and wonderful topics. We have a forum for advanced discussion that is invite only, where we can have more informal chats about stuff, but if you have written something and want feedback then this is the place to post it.

There are no rules and you can post anything you like, and it does not have to be exclusive to this space. It is an opportunity to get feedback on things you might not want to post elsewhere.

We look forward to your ideas.