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Printing your own leaflets

Please note that there are strict rules that apply to you downloading and printing our leaflets.

There are also guidelines as to how to go about distributing them, so please ensure you read the page fully.


Printing our leaflets

Some of you may know local printers who might be able to do you a favour and print cheaper than we can supply, or even for free. In view of this we allow you to print you own from our design. It really is worth trying to convince your local printer to do this seeing as it is such an important topic and part of a national awareness campaign.

You are free to download our image and print it as it is at no charge. You must not alter the design in any way without our knowledge and written consent. If you are distributing our leaflets as they are, then you don’t need our permission or to inform us of anything, but please read the guidelines.

If you print your own leaflets they must be professionally printed on 130g silk printing paper. Please do not print them on your home printer as they will look terrible.



Please wear the Hi-Vis jacket when distributing officially in public. The main reason for this is how people perceive you. If you look professional people are much more likely to stop and talk to you, listen, take a leaflet and act upon it. Obviously if you are simply carrying them round and handing them out randomly to people you meet this is not practical, so that’s fine, we referring to official campaigns where you are in a fixed place.

Please be polite ! If you are nice, calm, polite, articulate and not pushy people react well to you and are more likely to accept you as being same and rational, and hence the information you give out is seen as sane and rational too. We speak from experience ! That is not to say you can’t be loud and attract attention when not interacting one to one. By all means shout your message or even use a megaphone when in larger spaces, but be positive, no aggressive, and never swear.

Generally if you work in pairs or more you will be more effective. We ca supply as many hi-vis jackets as you need at a small extra charge. That said we have leafleted in singles and it is better than nothing.

We must all get out there now as much as possible.


Inserting you own leaflets

We fully encourage you to get out there and distribute your own leaflets in conjunction with ours. We do ask that you inform us and send us what you are planning to include so we can approve it.



We may be able to insert your own logo or information as well if you are organising local events. This is a special service that only we can carry out, or if we don’t have time then we may approve you own alterations if you send them to us, but you cannot go and alter our artwork without our permission. This is non-negotiable and we will prosecute for copyright infringement if you fail to adhere to this.

There is a very good reason. We have worked hard to ensure that we are very focused on aircraft, trails, pipes and related issues and we eschew the myriad of associated topics related to chemtrails, such as Morgellons,  Orgonite, Illuminati, Aliens, Alternative therapies etc. The reason we do this is so we can reach the skeptical mainstream, and not encourage the vigorous campaign by the perpetrators of this program, and even by many within the movement who are not who they say they are, who are trying very hard to ensure that chemtrails is lumped in with all these other things, and so dismissed as nonsense.

So you get the idea. If you are simply informing people of a meeting or event, then that’s fine, but if you are promising to heal them with your hands of chemtrail toxins or offering Organite therapy then we really don’t want you associating with our leaflets.


If you have read and understood all of the above, and agree to abide by our rules and guidelines then click here to go to the downloads