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The Rabbit Hole…

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.

Are you ready to go down here? A deep and twisted journey into the unknown, weird, scary and the incredible.

It has dawned on many people over the last decade or so, although some have known it for a long time, that our governments are not really concerned with managing society in a fair and just way, and putting the interests of its citizens anywhere near the top… in fact we seem to be the last priority in most high-level dealings. Finance, profit, political power and population control seem to be the primary drivers of the real leaders, and by this we don’t mean our prime minister, we mean the people above him. There any many who now believe that a world government, or NWO is already upon us, albeit it unofficially, and that all the political antics we see and hear about are basically theatre designed to keep us occupied and distract us from the real proceedings which are happening behind very large closed doors. At first this may seem unfathomable, but it only takes a very basic amount of research to conclude that this program (SAI) is occurring in a very large number of countries, mostly NATO countries, but essentially all those connected with the UN (United Nations). This leads one very quickly to clues about who and how this operation is being managed… which in turn leads to clues about a world government. Because the program involves commercial airlines and airports, it cannot be implemented only by the military and so we are left with an intricate subterfuge, set up over the last few decades behind closed doors.

Here we deal with those theories We have kept this section separate, firstly as it is still under development, but also because it is simply too far-fetched for those who have just learned about chemtrails. If you are new to this subject then many dots will still be un-joined, and many questions still unanswered, not to mention feelings of confusion and anxiety at what you now realise is a program of aerial spraying that is nothing short of poisoning us. The last thing you need is yet more, deeper and more disturbing stuff.

There are many other forums out there that deal with the deeper aspects of this and associated subjects so you will not be short on material to look at if so chose. What we do advise though is to stick to the immediate problem, which is stopping planes spraying stuff into our sky. It is easy to become distracted and get sucked deeper and deeper into the Rabbit Hole where you can become very overwhelmed very quickly by all the weird and often terrifying information you find. If you become like this then you are no good to yourself, anyone around you, or the cause, so we strongly recommend staying focused on the immediate problems for now. That is where we need your help.

For those of use that have been here for some time and can see through the illusion with relative ease, this section is to discuss those theories, together with current research and new information, so as to try to make sense of them. It is partly a discussion forum and partly an active research forum. You can contribute as little or as much as you like. Many minds are always better at resolving problems, so hopefully we ill collectively discover clues and connections with Chemtrails, so we can better prepare our campaign to stop it. If you feel you want to know more then do contact us and we will send you a password to enter this section as a guest.

In the mean time please keep looking up, because that’s where the real problem lies… in our skies.