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Patient Database – Good Or Bad News ?

Anyone who follows this site will likely view the National Patient Database, as scheme of indexing everybody’s medical records in a single national database, so as to allow ‘research’ as highly suspicious, and rightly so. But is there an upside to this story that we have not considered?

Obviously any scheme such as this is open to abuse and we are now collectively suspicious of anything government do being used to generate income for private companies, which is extremely likely in this case too. Obviously people become very protective about their information, especially in view of the Snowdon fiasco etc. We like to have some privacy, and that feeling is even more acute when it comes to medical information for obvious reasons.

Leaving aside the privacy issues for now though, we thought that the real reason the government want to scrutinise medical data on a national scale is to identify trends in illnesses. Now coming from a conspiratorial standpoint, if we accept that chemtrails, along with many other related aspects of Agenda 21 that are simultaneously unfolding, it seems obvious to us that monitoring the progress of  the assorted campaigns would be very useful to the government, or at least those above the curtain who know what is going on. It could of course be used for genuine research as well, but the extra curricular aspects of the facility will be the real reason for doing it we think.

We have nothing really to lose by contributing to this database really, except our dignity as we think about how the government and probably all and sundry in public services as well pore over our personal problems. We do, however, have something quite important to gain. Being a government scheme, it is a public service and therefore will fall under the freedom of information act. As concerned citizens, we will be able to request information on what the government are doing with the data, about trends, figures and facts gleaned from the data. Obviously private data wont be made available but useful information could be. This could help us in the fight to prove what is being done in our skies, and the possible links to medical problems. believes that many medical issues may be related to substances being sprayed from aircraft. These include , Sodium deficiency, Early Onset Dementia, IBS, Intestinal bloating/pot bellies, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), ITS (irritable throat syndrome – invented by the Daily Mail to explain the itchiness we get in our throats from the fibers). We also suspect more serious conditions such as cancer, particularly throat and intestinal cancers, to be linked as well, but no direct evidence exists as yet.


So you see there are 2 sides to this coin. It is not certain that we could access important information, and someone with more knowledge of the FoI act and the health service might want to investigate further. If we can then the benefits may outweigh the risks. Worth considering we think.


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