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One With and One Without

We coined this term to describe the presence of 2 planes in the same sky. No amount of ‘atmospheric variations’ and all the other nonsense people try to invent to explain this situation will explain this.  If 2 planes cross the entire sky at the same time and altitude then they should behave the same, no matter what model or engine (jets obviously). If atmospheric variations had such a drastic effect we would see trails appearing and disaperaring all the time across the sky randomly, but we don’t. What we actually see is one plane crossing an entire sky with no trail, another planes crossing an entire sky with a short trail (haze) and another plane crossing an entire sky with a persistent trail. This is totally consistent with our current knowledge of what is happening in the majority of chemtrail cases. Planes not spraying leave nothing, planes spraying haze (fibres) leave short trails, and planes leaving (what we believe to be) Barium leave long, persistent trails. Exact match and makes total sense.

Exact match aside, most of these planes are leaving trails at 16,000-30,000ft, well below the official height the MET Office’s own data states is the minimum height for ANY trail to form.

This is by no means rare; in fact we see repeated examples in all sorts of conditions, altitudes and locations. The planes leaving no trails in examples such as this are behaving normally and are showing us what we should see from every plane.




Let’s watch this short film made recently near London.



We will add more examples of this when we have time, both images and videos.

We also filmed a De Havilland propeller plane belonging to Flybe, one of the UKs most prolific sprayers, leaving massive, persistent trails near London as well. It was flying at around 20,000ft but that is irrelevant because propeller should not leave any trail at all ever, so once again we see common sense riding to the rescue and showing us that something is very wrong in our skies.

Yet more visual evidence that backs up the case for Chemtrails.