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This page is currently in brief format, but will be expanded on soon.


Metabunk is a prime example of the disinformation phenomena. Metabunk is a website run by a man called Mick West, who many agree is on the payroll of some organisation or other. He tries relentlessly to discredit all the things people find out and warn others about. He seems to have no job, has a team of clever people dreaming up all sorts of wonderful convoluted infromation to debunk anything that might be a threat to those ding things they shouldn’t be. It uses lots of technical and scientific sounding language, but ultimately it is all completely made up. In fact, once you realise this, it becomes a very useful source of information for those that want to keep up with the latest in what our governments are up to. The way it works is to continue the theme of denigration by association. It covers many very silly things that can often be legitimately debunked, but mixes them up with real world, serious stuff, so as to make you associate those topics with nonsense subjects. It’s all very elaborate and quite a clever ruse, but anyone with any intelligence can see through it pretty quickly.

We have proved on more than one occasion that they are blatantly lying and falsifying. Firstly when we finally got confirmation from Airbus that the pylon pipes on Airbus A320 were not original we essentially debunked their image suggesting they were and that claiming they were hydraulic leakage pipes. Almost laughable if it weren’t so serious. Another great example of blatant lying is their feeble attempts to debunk our Smokers video. They tried to claim the thick black smoke coming from these planes was only back because the trails were was ‘in shadow’. Even my 8yo son laughed. They were filmed at 35,000ft on a sunny day at lunchtime. We rest our case !

More soon…

We have now got proof that Metabunk have falsified official Airbus training manuals to try to discredit a discovery of ours. We are currently taking legal advice.