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Media mind control

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The general theme of this page and it’s theory is that we are being gently but very surely manipulated by the media into a particular mindset. Also that we are being subjected to creeping visual conditioning on TV and printed press to the strange skies we now see. This is accompanied by very carefully prepared articles that describe all the strange new phenomena we now see as being completely normal and having always existed.


BBC Visual Conditioning

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The Mindset

That mindset is:

  • Agreeing with the official line.
  • Not to question anything we see or read in the media.
  • To ridicule anyone that questions the status quo.
  • To react in a certain manner to specific key words

We are also being programmed it seems, to have a very specific reaction to certain key words such as Chemtrails and Conspiracy. This is evident in some people who have quite an extraordinary reaction to those words or any discussion of a topic related to them. the reaction can range from feeling very uncomfortable about discussing it, to ridicule, and as far as outright anger. What made us so suspicious and led us to look into this is the reaction we had from come people when trying to talk to them about this topic. When questioned after the event, they seemed incapable of understanding or explaining their reaction at all, simply reverting back to their original defense, which often make no sense at al, and more worryingly follows very well recognised patterns of denial that we see being used by those involved in the program, even down to using key words and phrases.


In our minds this can only mean one thing, that these people have been programmed in some way to think/believe/react like this. We are not suggesting for a moment that all these people have been kidnapped and brainwashed of course, but what we are suggesting is that people who watch a lot of TV are exposed to NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming – techniques which are very likely to be influencing the way they understand certain topics and how they think and react to the.

Here is a great example of Fox News using very obvious NLP techniques to discredit a man who dares challenge the official line. Consider that Fox News is a Murdock Channel, and the same group who own Sky and The Times etc.

These tactics are no limited to television however. Increasing amounts of disinformation are apearing from scientific institutions. The images below are shocking examples of conditioning via disinformation. The MET Office has literally invented new types of clouds to explain the strange effects we see as a result of climate engineering or chemtrails.



The audacity of such a move is staggering. Are they really expecting everyone not to question where these new types of clouds have come from, and why they have never existed before now?


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