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Mass International Subterfuge – Joining The Dots

This article was rushed out, but never updated, and is quite old now. Much has happened since we wrote it last year, and so it needs to be updated with our current understanding of the situation, which we will try and do soon.




to get it out there so is may not be completely comprehensive. We will try and expand on it as soon as we have time, but essentially it serves as a synopsis of the current situation, but with deeper insight and understanding than the content in the main section of the website. It is assuming that you have realised that there is a huge scam going on, and understand that our society has, sadly, fallen victim to the greed and manipulation that comes with weak and stupid people having lot of money and power. That just about sums the world up now. The people that run it are really not that clever, they do not have any discipline, judgement, morals or resolve to resist temptation and wrongdoing, and so end up basically fighting for more and more power and money. They are essentially monkeys. Monkeys that keep their hands in the jar as the hunter approaches, because they cannot see past the immediate scenario. This situation has not happened suddenly, but has been brewing, according to many that know a lot more and have researched this deeply, for decades. There was a time when a politician would lose hs or her job if she lied, and now lying is normal, and even expected of politicians. They no longer represent the people, but the interests of corporation who make them rich once they retire as reward for doing as they are told.

We see the merging of state and big business now. I termed this the Poli-Comm Mafia, a term that describes beautifully and perfectly what we are now ruled by. It is because of this greed driven and morally barren political landscape that the current situation has arisen. it is impossible to know who knows exactly what about what is really happening. It is human nature to believe that most do not know the full extent of the subterfuge that confronts us, because we instinctively believe in human nature, but those involved in this to whatever extent, must realise that a huge deception is being crafted, of a magnitude and complexity never seen before. It is no longer just about money though. This goes much, much deeper, and shakes the very foundations of what we can understand in the context our normal little lives. I remember the Queen was once quoted as saying that Dark forces were at work”. I, like most others, thought nothing of those comments at the time, and indeed had no reason to doubt that life was anything but completely normal until i discover what was unfolding in our skies.


Slowly but surely we are revealing the inconsistencies, contradictions and outright lies that lay bare the extent of the collusion and subterfuge by various organisations including, but not limited to, the Met Office, The BBC, The CAA, BAA, NATS, MoD, certain factions of government, plus a plethora of other national institutions and organisations such as the Royal Society, virtually all of the mainstream media, both printed and TV, are involved in nothing less than a mass act of deception and national subterfuge. Beyond our borders we also see the involvement of the US military, The UN and the IPCC amongst others. Incredibly it seems that corporations such as Unilever and Proctor and Gamble are also involved, with the collusion of the fibres. We have not explained this fully in the main section yet as it is simply too scary for people, and so we felt it counter-productive, but rest assured there is a very complex chemical equation unfolding before our very eyes, and one that is affecting anyone who basically uses any cosmetics or fragranced products of any kind. We deal with it further in the complex equation article here in the Rabbit Hole.


The Global Warming HOAX

The cracks have already started to appear in many corners of society as people start to realise something is very badly wrong. Something very big and very strange is happening. People who we trust and respect seem to be lying to us. Worryingly though, it is not just individuals, and not just about individual things, this goes way beyond details, and encompasses everything we thought we knew to be real and true. The largest and most obvious thing that underpins everything we are seeing and experiencing is the Global Warming Hoax, re-branded Climate Change due to no warming having taken place for 18 years. Even the IPCC had to admit this and quickly rushed out a diversionary, damage-limitation statement about the oceans having absorbed all the heat. As it crumbles around us, even in some mainstream media sources, the organisation behind the mass subterfuge are starting to panic. The excuses used to justify the web of deceit are becoming ever more elaborate, but as they do, they are also revealing their utter desperation and confusion. The demise of the Global Warming Hoax will be an entirely separate article, and we will delve into such gems as laser cut icebergs. Enter the US military…

NIPCC logo


The US Military

Here is a link to the laser cut icebergs video. Most people who know about this suggest that HAARP was responsible but we don’t believe that is possible. If you are old enough to remember Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars project which formed part of the Strategic Defence Initiative. We think this included research into airborne (plane mounted) laser defense systems. Though officially discontinued, we suspect the result was this aircraft mounted laser system, the Boeing YAL-1. This could easily have been developed to cut icebergs at the poles. We feel this is also a good example of misappropriation of state funds, but we digress.


So back to the establishment…

It is becoming increasingly apparent to many that these organisations are basically lying to us. They are, and have been, manipulating, falsifying and cherry picking data for many years, all to lead us to believe the world is warming, and that unless we took drastic action we would all burn up in an increasingly heated world, dominated by weather extremes. The reality of the situation is, however, that the world has actually stayed the same (average temperature) for the last 17 or more years. Sure we are experiencing weather extremes, but statistically they are insignificant. If you analyses the true weather data, you realise very quickly that nothing unusual is going on at all. Fortunately we have the NIPCC to confirm all this, plus the many other inconsistencies and out-and-out lies propagated by the UN/IPCC. The NIPCC is a truly scientific body consisting of many scientists who either refused to collude with the IPCC deception, or that simply realised what was going on and decided to speak up. It therefore has huge value, especially seeing as it was set up in purely in reaction to the IPCC. The IPCC is no more scientific than the BBC, and was set up by the UN to disseminate UN climate propaganda, almost all of which has been disproved. The IPCC is a political organisation, and nothing else. The claim that the IPCC report was backed up by ‘hundreds of scientists’ is completely false, as is the science it is based on. So shoddy is the science behind it, and when considered in conjunction with the fact that we see our world cooling not warming, that even areas of the mainstream press that were once staunch believers, are beginning slowly to desert the IPCC mythology. As the excuses of the so-called scientists of the Royal Society, intricately complicit in the Global Warming Hoax, become ever more elaborate and unbelievable, they are slowly but surely being exposed as part of a huge national and international hoax. The illusion is finally crumbling. the most recent and much ridiculed excuse was that “though atmospheric temperatures had not increased, this was indicative of a blip, explained by the fact that the oceans have absorbed the warming”. They further wet on to claim something along the lines of “Within X years the global systems will suddenly accelerate and run away warming will occur”. NB… this is from memory so not accurate and we will try to post the exact quote soon, suffice to say that it is utter nonsense. increasingly desperate language from an increasingly desperate organisation. Their pathetic statements are akin to the government saying “Children are getting fatter and fatter” (which incidentally the government are, and this will likely proceed on the same course as the Global Warming Hoax), and the medical profession responding with “… but actually they are, on average, no bigger than they were 20 years ago”. Govt. – “oh, but that’s because their intestines are absorbing all the fat and weight and we just can’t see it”. Utter nonsense.


The Complicit Media and the MET Office

The reason we imagine weather extremes is because we are told relentlessly in the complicit media that our weather is extreme, so Enter the Complicit Media into the equation.


Relentless stories of storms, torrential rain, floods, and in the summer all the opposites such as droughts and subsequent water shortages etc.. it is all manipulated. As a child I remember loads of winters with ice and snow and blizzards, and closed schools and no post,a nd flooded roads etc etc. It called Winter; these things to happen, but NIPCC and other data confirm that the frequency of these events is no more than normal. In fact in the US the data suggests one of the least turbulent years on record. So we see it is all about presentation.

Add to this the increasing prevalence of images showing heavily engineered skies that are presented as ‘beautiful’. Add again add the medical disinformation that is presented to explain away the assorted effects that the toxins from chemtrails are having on us. The image below is an article that describes the effects of the fibres that collect in our throats that cause people to have a constant sense of a hairy, itchy throat.

Irritable Throat Syndrome

Read the full article here

The level of media deceit is truly staggering, and it is not just the long terms forecast that is being skewed. Enter the BBC… the BBC are probably the biggest culprits and are presenting us with increasing amounts of carefully chosen images and information designed to condition us to accept strange skies and weather. They are knowingly presenting false weather data on a daily basis. It is inconceivable that the weather department of the BBC do not know what is going on, and yet they relentlessly present data that takes into account chemtrailing and its associated weather patterns.  Almost every day seems to be cloudy or patchy cloud or hazy now. They also will not show live satellite data anymore, as it shows obvious streaks from chemtrails. the most worrying thing though is when they describe a day as ‘sunny’, and yet the air is full of haze… or more accurately – nano-fibres. We will try to expand on this soon with more evidence and images.



The image above is proof that what we are breathing in every day is a soup of nano-fibres. If you have ever been to the theatre you will know the effect of a hazer has on the theatrical lights. If you look at  a naked light with no haze you see a relatively sharp image. if you introduce haze into the equation, then the light becomes very soft, unfocused and is surrounded by a halo. This is now what we see almost every day. the air is saturated. Even when we do see natural cloud it is no longer defined, but fuzzy and vague. The defined outline of clouds is now warped in a hazy milky mess.


Above we see a theatre light in a room with haze. You can see a similar effect as the beam is softened and you see its path all the way though the rom as we do now with sun streaks. Similarly when you hold your hand over th sun you see the air around your hand seems to appear to be steamy, as if you were in a sauna. That is the haze… trillions of tiny fibres. They start spraying these at around 4am on most days. If you look at the sky at4am you will see it is crystal clear on almost every day. The you watch the first wave of planes start to travel over the UK and y mid morning we have a milky hazy sky.


So back to extreme weather…

Well it is mostly hype… propaganda to make you think the world is going crazy and we are all doomed unless we buy into the Global Warming Hoax, but more importantly, its solutions… yes you guessed it… spraying stuff into the atmosphere. Enter the Royal Society. Look-Up attended a conference at the Royal Society in November. At that time Global Warming still seemed plausible and there seemed no reason to doubt it. By the end of the day though, it seemed disturbingly obvious that a carefully rehearsed exercise of subterfuge was happening right before our eyes. Not having heard of the NIPCC before, there seemed no reason to doubt what was about to be presented. Our presence was only there to see if they would mention chemtrails, but as the day progressed the urgency with which they wanted us to buy into a cataclysmic warming scenario became apparent. The data seemed very vague, unverified in many cases, presented without true scientific balance, and was verging on the style of a party political broadcast. In hindsight that is exactly what it was of course. That day changed the course of this project. Look-Up is primarily concerned with exposing chemtrails, and we try and stay very focussed on that topic, however it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the fact the ONLY justification for doing what the want to do (are doing) is to combat global warming. You see at this point you need t understand what is going on. They tell you the world is warming. They spray stuff into the sky to control the weather for whatever reason. When they get found out and pressured by sufficient numbers of people that they have to admit is already happening they simply say.. “ah but you see we had to start doing it without telling you to save you. We didn’t want to worry you, but it’s fine, everything is under control and we are protecting” or words to that effect. They will then simply carry on as if nothing had happened, and because we are mostly already conditioned to accept the big streaks and haze in the sky, we will simply go back to looking at our phones, and try and pretend nothing happened. Just like they want us to. Starting to understand?


Extreme Storms

The only exception to the Extreme Weather Hoax could be the recent very powerful storms. There are now hundreds of people around the globe investigating HAARP. Enter the US military again, and possibly the MoD… HAARP is a military technology that is used to manipulate the atmosphere, and hence the weather. They are deliberately manipulating storms to make them more severe. That seems to be just one of the functions of HAARP. There is a wealth of information online about this and we don’t cover HAARP on this site, so please investigate yourselves.

So how do we get to planes and chemtrailing I hear you ask? Well, we believe the Global Warming Hoax may have been invented for 2 primary reasons. Firstly to be able to manipulate the world’s people as a whole with fear. Secondly it conveniently gives the people behind the scenes an excuse to spray stuff into the sky… But why spray stuff into the sky if te world was not warming? Depopulation basically..

Global Warming was just one issue The Club of Rome (TCOR) targeted in its  campaign to reduce world population. In 1993 the Club’s co-founder, Alexander King with Bertrand Schneider wrote The First  Global Revolution stating:

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a  new enemy to  unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the  threat of global  warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these  dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed  attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome.  The real enemy then, is  humanity itself.”


Enter the CAA, MoD, Secretary of State for Defence and the commercial Airline Alliances

In the 90s the the GSN, all the worlds super rich business leaders and heads of states, started the process of amalgamating our airlines into 3 major Alliances. We have written more about this in a separate article named The Perpetrators, so we won’t dwell on that here, suffice to say that the global chemtrail operation was born. very slowly and carefully, over the past 22 years or so, a fleet of planes has been trawling our skies pumping heavy metals, nano-fibres and assorted other nasties into the atmosphere. Many of the usual commercial flight routes were used to enact this program, but recent discoveries by Look-Up has revealed that many ghost flights have also been used, to either shuttle the chemical cargoes around the globe or simply to spray in areas where no commercial flight routes existed. This basically incriminates the CAA and Secretary of State for Defence. Every single plane in the sky has to be allocated  route by the CAA. We regularly see planes taking large diversions from the direct route to their destination, specifically so they can spray over a particular populated area. the M1 corridor is a perfect example of this. Flights from Heathrow to the US fly up to Liverpool before crossing the Atlantic. CAA busted. The image below is from Paris CDG and shows and even more extreme example, but there are countless flights daily from London Heathrow LHR to the US that take this exact path up the M1 corridor, specially so they can spray over UK populated areas.


We also see many jets, mostly Boeing 777 and Airbus A320, that criss-cross our skies repeatedly that do not show up on tracking websites such as There are very few planes in the western world that are not fitted with ADB-S systems, and neither of the models mentioned are included in that list. For a plane to not show up on Flightradar24 means it is flying ‘unmarked’. As we understand it this means that they are classed as military or government flights, and hence need specific permission from the Secretary of State for Defence at least 90 days in advance. This leaves the CAA in a rather vulnerable position. Indeed we confronted them with this little known fact and threatened legal action some months ago; the result being the increase in commercially listed flights, but that were not actually carrying passengers. It would be fair to say that we got the CAA on the back foot. Since that email, we have also seen the rise of the smaller airlines such as Flybe that are running ghost flights up and down the country on a daily basis. The ghost flights take off ‘unmarked’ from airports such as Birmingahm BHX but then only appear many miles away. If you then track them they go up and down the country, switching the ADB-S off and on when they U-turn. The most obvious place to see this in action is over the Irish Sea. CAA rumbled.



Obviously this has also had an effect on our weather, and has contributed to the grand plan of weather extremes. Aside reducing our sunlight significantly, it has also disrupted local and continental weather systems many believe, including the Jet Stream,. This has added fuel to the Global Warming Hoax. To cover up this operation and ensure we did no notice, there has been a concerted campaign of both disinformation, and acustomization in progress…

Enter The Met Office, BBC, The Complicit Press


 The Curtain, above, below and the hem…

We coined this term to describe the level of knowledge and deceit present in all these organisations. The biggest problem in convincing people of the reality of this situation is explaining how it is that everyone else, all the people they don’t know and who must be involved in this, want them dead. Well, the simple answer is that not everybody in these organisations does know. Even most pilots who fly planes that do the spraying don’t know (officially) what they are doing. There exists a curtain… a level of authority that carries with it priviledged knowledge. Those above (or behind) the curtain, know exactly what is going on. They may not know why, or how harmful it is, but they know. They know it is wrong, they know they forma part of a huge deception, and whether willingly or not, they forma part of it. This applies to each and ever organisation involved. We suspect that curtain is very high in the pyramid of command, so it could realistically mean only a handful of people in each organisation know the absolute truth. A good example of this is when you call the MET Office. You are greeted, in general, but polite young student types, who will real off lots of answers to all your questions abot the strange sky, the trails, the clouds etc. These people have, but their own admission, been briefed to do this. You might try and suggest that they are in on this and being illusive, but the fact of the matter is they know even less than the person answering the awkward questions, and this becomes obvious once one starts to delve a bit deeper into the physics. They just don’t know, and why should they. They are simply ding their job. Thank you and goodbye… However, if you are cunning enough, like us, to get the top of the chain by means of deception, and speak to the top brass then things change dramatically and w are met with a very different animal. These people are nervous, defensive, well trained, and give little away. They also want to know who you are, why you have been put through to them, and are noticeably angry at our line of questioning.

We will hopefully soon publish some recorded conversation with people in some of these organisations to demonstrate what we mean. It becomes very clear very quickly that these people know exactly what we are asking, know exactly what is going on, and they simply don’t want to speak to us. So… we are now above the curtain. (if the recordings re still not here feel free to pester us).

And so into the hem; in any mass deception at this level, there must be a border between the knows and know-nots. We call this the hem for obvious reasons, and it is likely populated by a group of people who may fall into several categories. Those who suspect something very odd is going on but have no idea what. These people will have been asked to attend t those calls, publish the article given t them, reply to the alarmed email with a preformatted response. They know what they are disseminating doesn’t make sense, but they just crack on and do their job. There may be others who have realised what is happening, but may think it is just Geoengineering, to save us from Global Warming Hoax obviously, have been told not to think, and are too scared to question. There are probably a myriad of other combinations of the above, suffice to say that we suspect and information spread, rumours get confirmed and become fact, and the illusion starts to crumble, the hem is starting to fray, and become unstitched. Bits are falling off, and the entire curtain seems to be becoming very tatty and unstable indeed. Soon… very soon, we are likely to se our first few whistle blowers appear. Those people will be the ones with immense courage and gut determination, who have figured out that what they are being told to participate in is far from innocuous. Far from ‘for the greater good’. Far from justified. What they are doing is fundamentally wrong. When these first people appear, we must support them and gather round them and protect them with everything we have because they will be the ones who can help lead us out of this. They will be the UK Snowdens. Heroes the most. The ones with the files and the incriminating evidence that will being the curtain crashing down finally.

There are a great number of very nervous people walking the corridors of power right now. In Westminster, Whitehall, and in al the boardrooms of the Poli-Comm Mafia. The game is approaching crunch time. If the lunatics behind this don’t manage to pull this off, then where does that leave all those who dared to believe in their madness.

We can only image. Suffice to say this will likely play out this year.


The bigger picture – Agenda 21

This is so big it is almost incomprehensible to most… and yet, that is the very essence of what is happening. An illusion so vast it is invisible. As it dawns on some what is happening, the very fabric of reality as we recognise it is being threatened. Chemtrailing seems t be part of a much wider plan to weaken and possibly worse, most of the worlds population. The following document has no origin and cannot be verified as authentic. It is quite shocking and if you are new to this topic, probably totally incomprehensible, but we feel that we must put this information out there as we need to realise what is going on and act very soon if we are to stand a chance of preventing this scenario playing out entirely.

We were sent this in May 2013, and have pondered it ever since. At first we dismissed it as a prank. The internet is awash with false, shocking and hyped-up information, created by all sorts of people and for all sorts of reasons, but the more you begin to discover about what is going on in the sky, the more this document resonates and becomes a point by point account of exactly what is happening. We suggest you read it and think carefully about what you know… if you know enough, you will see the correlation. It is like a lens, focussing all the vague and disparate facts into a clear picture… a story from beginning to end. A complete and conclusive explanation.

Author unknown

We will continue this article soon hopefully, but we have much to do, so it may not be until the spring.

We must think long and hard about this moment in time…



When one examines the situation in detail, and then looks at the list of attendees at Bilderberg over the last few decades, suddenly, like a brass rubbing, and picture starts to emerge. The world is being coerced into a pen. once inside we will be powerless to react, like the sheep that we have become. At their mercy forever…

one aspect of the grand subterfuge we have not mentioned yet is the cinema, and we wont go into it too deeply, suffice to say that a creeping message that seems to be playing out in virtually all films from the major houses now is that we are heading towards Armageddon, but ore sinister is the underlying message that the individual is powerless against the greater forces. We beg to differ. The global sociopathic network (GSN), aka Bilderberg, only have 2 things to control us with. Money and arms.

If we unite, and can figure out a way t either not react to the financial meltdown that they will undoubtedly use to cripple, or find an alternative currency, then we immediately disable one of their weapons. Then we simply (though not simple at all actually) need to convince the military and police to not act against its own people.

Gosh ! Well sorry to have let it all pour out like that. Amazing and scary stuff, but don’t be fooled into this this is nonsense. Paranoid delusions, tin foil-hat wearing nutters. It’s all part of their defence systems. They want you to think that so that you wont believe this stuff. Sadly it is very real, and far from being a distant nightmare, it is here now, and it is very real.

Now, take a break… go and get on with your normal life, and when you feel you simply can’t continue without knowing more and doing something about this madness then come back to us and read out page on What You Can Do To Help.

Also if all this is new to you we strongly suggest you read our article Coping With The Knowledge


The Look-Up Team



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