Navigation Menu’s Climate Engineering Dossier 2014

This document has been prepared so as to collate the results of all our research and investigations into a dossier of evidence. It will be submitted to No. 10 Downing Street for the attention of The Prime Minister The Rt Hon. David Cameron MP and The Deputy Prime Minister The Rt Hon. Nick Clegg MP. It will also be copied to selected, relevant ministers, together with a plethora of other organisations including aviation, weather, media and scientific institutions.

Climate Engineering Dossier v1 – introduction

This topic will then be very firmly in the public domain and will hopefully elevate it from the realms of fringe theory to mainstream debate. Our media have so managed to avoid the topic, party as a result of the lower ranks being influenced by the mass of online disinformation, and partly do to senior editors probably being fully aware of the subject and simply unwilling to acknowledge it.

We are hoping that this document will also turn the tables on the situation with respect to government by putting the onus on our government to admit to, or have to disprove this, rather than for the people to have to prove it. We have also included a statement of intent that will detail very specific steps we intend to take, including the commencement of legal action against individuals and organisations we consider to be involved in this program unless we receive a satisfactory response within 28 days of delivery.

The document will be freely available to all, so that if anything should happen to me other may take up this process in my place. Funds may also be in place to facilitate that process.

We can only release the introduction and table of contents at this stage as we are still finalising certain aspects of the evidence and do not want them to be visible until after delivery. We will try and update this document with a new version to include the summary and conclusions tomorrow (24.09.2014).

This is crunch time. Once this document has been delivered, there is no room for manoeuvre any more. The government and all relevant institutions will be fully aware of the large amount of evidence we have gathered to support our claims, and those of thousands of others, that Climate Engineering programs are under way in UK and European airspace.

The essence of the document is to send a message that we the people of Britain consider that to be completely unacceptable and demand immediate action resulting in the cessation of all atmospheric aerosol spraying programs, and the immediate introduction of legislation outlawing of the release of any substance of any kind from any aircraft for whatsoever reason, together with provision for independent inspection of both aircraft and aircraft fuel, so as to prevent the continuation or re-introduction of any similar programs in the future.

Feel free to read, comment and feedback. We claim to represent the British people by submitting this document, so it is only fair to have your say and suggest input. We have deliberated long and hard about exactly what to include. We must remember that some of the recipients may actually be genuinely unaware of what is going on, and so we have decided not to venture into speculation about the intentions behind the current programs, for fear of undermining the factual evidence based approach of this document. This will come as a disappointing to some, but we feel this is crucial to maintain credibility. Ultimately we feel the motivations can be discussed later; our primary goal is stop it from happening.

We look forward to people’s comments.