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Multi-comms tower with antenna

Superior Farm
It is interesting that this location has had a gate and farm name added since the Google Maps image was taken. Why is the owner of the site trying to disguise what lies down the track as a farm?
What is interesting about these towers. of we should say worrying about these towers, online is the diameter of the cables feeding the antenna. A satellite uses only about 2.5 kW of power to transmit data to earth from tens of thousands of miles away. A local 4G antenna uses only 4W to reach mobile phones in its catchment, healing which typically is several square miles. These cables are about 10cm in diameter. Any electrician will tell you that a cable that size is capable of carrying currents in the megawatts scale. Why are these towers transmitting such high-power signals, viagra sale to where and for what?



  • Date Posted: Nov 1, 2015
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  • Address: Superior Farm Snitterfield Warwickshire

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