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This section presents a series of lectures that have taken place over the last few years in which assorted academic proponents of the proposed Geo-engineering scheme have appeared at institutions in the US and UK to supposedly debate the pros and cons of introducing a program of global weather modification known as Geo-engineering. We attended and filmed some of these events and asked difficult questions. The reaction to our questions and those of other activists was very telling!

The plan is obviously to try and get us used to the idea of engineering the climate, and to assure us that with so many highly intelligent climate experts behind it, we can be sure that we are in safe hands. Several recurrent themes run through all events, but interestingly there seems to be contradiction and also much doubt as to the safety and effectiveness of the intended program to actually make any difference, be reliable or even safe. One point we raised at the Oxford Martin meeting was that the program has the glaring potential to be abused by any state to harm its own or other populations. They had to agree with us, and so we scored a major point there.


Global Governance

Another related theme that we noticed emanating from David Keith is the issue of governance. He stated several time that the problems with managing such a vast program would be almost insurmountable with so many nations involved. To the untrained mind this may seem like a genuine concern from a conscientious man. To the trained mind though, this is an obvious hint at global governance. He conveniently failed to mention that virtually all airlines now belong to one of the 3 major airline alliances, discussed in our article The Perpetrators and so the groundwork had already been done to prepare us for this back in the 1990, and is what is allowing the current illegal program to be managed on a global scale.


The Elephant in the Room

The elephant in the room of course, as we all know, is that this program is already in full swing, as can be seen in almost any sky, anywhere in the world now, so we can safely assume, as a result, that these so called eminent scientists are lying through their teeth. You can’t be a climate scientist and not realise something is very wrong with our weather and that planes are already making clouds, so we can also derive from this that the purpose of these events is simply another aspect of the slow conditioning that is happening to get us prepared for the moment when they will admit is is already happening. At that point they will say they have just carried out trials, and at that point we will hopefully have educated enough of the public to be able to make a stand and say NO. We do do not consent.


Global Warming Hoax

The other theme that runs through all of the events is the Global Warming Hoax, not re-branded as Climate Change. Sadly despite their efforts, the public have woken up to some extent to the reality that the world in not actually warming at all, and even re-branding the movement as Climate Change so as to somehow allow more scope for intimidating us, but without any real evidence, has done little to allay the suspicions of an ever burgeoning section of society that all is not as it seems and something very strange is going on.

The relentless and vociferous conditioning we have been subjected to over the past few decades from our media has was supposed to unite us all in fear and bring us to our knees before them begging for them to save us from climatic Armageddon with their wonderful ideas and technology. Fortunately we are, collectively, not as gullible as they would like us to be. Many people, even in the mainstream media, are now starting to cast doubt on the ‘official line’, especially as that line becomes ever more vocal, extreme and authoritarian. We dont tend to like having fingers wagged at us, especially when accompanied by little scientific evidence. Because we said so, seems to be what they are relying on now, and public skepticism is on the rise as we realise from data published by the NIPCC (a body set up by most of the world’s leading climate scientists who refused to be herded into the Global Warming Hoax ), but also from basic observation and common sense, that the world is not warming at all, in fact mostly the opposite.


Censorship of Dissent

That establishment pressure is not relenting at all though, and in fact is actually starting to ramp up, as we have seen since these talks took place, many public figures have tried to cast doubt on what is now beautifully referred to as climate hysteria. Ever more elaborate pseudo-scientific theories are being dreamt up to keep the now heavily bleeding Hoax alive as it stumbles from one wound to the next. A brilliant one recently was the notion that though the surface of the earth had not warmed at all in the last 17 years (now officially accepted thanks to NIPCC reports) that the oceans had absorbed all the heat and were storing it, only release it in a few decades time and send us catapulting into the furnace of doom. Utter nonsense. We thought it quite akin to the establishment telling us all our kids are now fat, but doctors responding with “actually on the whole there is no marked difference to 30 years ago”, to which the establishment say “ah, but that just because their intestines have absorbed all the fat, but in a few years they will bloat and die of delayed, child-fat syndrome” or some other equally ludicrous made up condition. As the establishment explanations and predictions become ever more elaborate and less believable, so too does our ability to accept anything we hear in the media and from government.

Those brave enough to challenge the official line, however, have been shot down from several directions, even including Prince Charles who recently labelled climate skeptics as “headless chickens“. We expect such flippant ill-considered comments from our royal family, but more worryingly is the political bullying that has also emerged since with high-level politicians stating publicly that climate doubters should shut up. Another similar incident was another senior politician stating that the BBC should not allow those who doubt climate change to speak on TV or appear in debates because there was no point having them on if they did not agree with the ‘official line’. The latter is deeply worrying, and challenges the very principles of our free speech society and even the fundamental principles of democracy.


 The Most Important Issue of Our Time

It should also be noted that these talks were only advertised internally, and even then not very well. We can’t say if this was a deliberate tactic but it seems odd that the future of our planet, which they claim they can maybe save with a dubious and ill conceived program of spraying stuff into the air we breath, is only being discussed for an hour at a time in small, quasi-private events held in Universities. There seem only to have been a handful of these debates to date, and it apparent that rather than being a balanced debate with concerns listened to and considered, that the trend is to present mostly supporting theory, backed up by little real science, and stifle question that seek to either probe further or cast any doubt on the panels information.

Not what you would expect when trying to introduce such a controversial and potentially dangerous global program is it !